Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Fan Letter. By Geniusofdespair

Thought you might like to see what one of my 'fans' wrote on the post below, this is what I have been deleting all week. I painstakingly research an article and this is what I get in return, and you all wonder why I am losing interest in blogging:

PureTruth said:
you had to draw me out again cause truly your an idiot! I guess i will have to school you once again. Cody is linked directly to Taddeo. Her entire strategy was to take out the only true Anglo Threat. If Flinn was neutralized, then the race would have been Taddeo vs. Piedra. This would have given Taddeo a huge advantage. Each would have split the hispanic vote, leaving just the Black and Anglo vote to chase. Since Taddeo is a STRONG DEM, she is going to draw the Black vote.

She would have also tracked a large vote from the Anglo Dem side. Most of the Cities within District 8 lean big on the Dem side. This was all planned out very well by Mr. Marin. Come on, do you actually think Bell, Albert or Danny have a chance. They are not even visible outside of Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay Area. Bell is hated in Homestead. I am using Hated lightly.

Wake the f--k up you moron! I swear, if you write another piece of shit article like this one and not actually do your homework, I will personally make it a point to shut this site down. Just remember, I was the first who told you about the lawsuit. Just push me.

(Hate to disappoint you P.T. but you weren't the first - I was on vacation when I found out by phone. You might think about reading the Miami Herald, you will be much happier away from morons and so will I.) 8/22 Also responses to this post should be in email. I will not print them in post below or here - write to


Anonymous said...

I don't subscribe to EOM's view of the world, but this blog is still one of my favorites. Pure Truth is a Pure Jackass.

Anonymous said...

Shutting down media websites is a violation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

out of sight said...

What a nitwit Prue Truth is.

This is more scary political stuff. Pretty much the same crap that was played during the HABDI era.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how angry the writer PT is. Perhaps he/she would do better if he/she sought some anger management classes. why the vitriol? why the threat? sounds like classic Natacha badgering or more likely one of her cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Pure Truth needs to blog for them self (if they think they could get people to read it) since they seem to know all the news before it happens. I personally just started reading this blog only a few months ago and actually enjoy what the bloggers are writing and also the comments from the fans. They say it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the crop. I am sorry that you got fan letter like that.

Geniusofdespair said...

Received by email from a reader:
Whoa, PURE JERK, enough is enough! You need to understand that EOM is DIRECTED TO THE INTELLIGENT READER, WHOSE MAIN PREOCUPATION RESTS ON THE BENEFIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA AND MIAMI DADE COUNTY. It's not for the crass, uneducated, foul-mouth morons like you! If I were Genius, I would feel flattered since it's obvious you realize that this blog carries gravitas with an important share of Miami voters, and that's really what's behind your impotent rage. I have a great suggestion for you: Why don't you consider moving to Cuba? I've heard that people who embrace repression are very, very welcome in that part of the world!

Geniusofdespair said...

Received in email from MENSA:

I read you because you are so very bright and very knowledgeable. Also because you care about your fellow citizens and the shitty politics we have
to suffer under. As long as you write I will read every day. I could say a lot of other things such as you are in the upper 2% of IQ's and that is very obvious, but I do not want you to get a spoiled head so I will not tell you.

Please make an old man happy and continue with your blog. I suffered much worse than that idiot's letter and kept on fighting.

Geniusofdespair said...

Comment 'Anonymous' in email:

Don't let the A-holes get to you. Your recent piece of fan mail was , to me obviously from one of those scum bag political consultants we must suffer with in local races. Anytime you hear someone analyzing a race, you should know they are only looking at it through the lens of one committed to a candidate. This is one of the most serious weaknesses in Miami Dade county politics, that we have way too many sleazy, and completely inept political consultants and really only a few I would call mediocre, certainly none that are high quality. They are the ones who drag the campaign discourse, mail and ads through the gutter. We the voting public must start standing up to these kind of consultants and warn candidates to steer clear.

One of your real fans