Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why would a District 8 candidate speak at a forum sponsored by The Christian Family Coalition? By geniusofdespair

Two candidates in the District 8 race appeared before The Christian Family Coalition on June 26th. I am appalled that any candidate in this race would show up at an event sponsored by what I consider an intolerant group, with a feel-good name. I hope they didn't fill out a form agreeing with their radical views. Savvy candidates have avoided these forums put on by Anthony Verdugo's legendary group (Founder and Executive Director of Christian Family Coalition). Here is a good example of what bothers me about this group...the Christian Family Coalition issued the following statement:

"The United States Senate voted 68-29 in favor of a so-called "hate crimes" provision part of the extremist homosexual agenda to silence Christians and people of faith and use the government to marginalize anyone whose faith is at odds with homosexuality! This legislation clearly violates the principle of equal justice under the law and infringes on the free speech rights of ALL Americans!

The passage of this bill enshrines hate, bigotry, intolerance and discrimination into federal law.

Dangerous homosexual extremists who try to manipulate public opinion by playing the so-called victims who need special legal protections are truly the VICTIMIZERS who promote HATE, BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE and DISCRIMINATION against anyone who dares to speak up against their agenda and shares an opinion different from theirs."
(their caps, not mine)

Readers: This law they are describing is to stop people from beating up on people just because they are homosexuals. The US Senate, that can't agree on much of anything, passed this law by a wide margin because it was the right thing to do. It pains me to know District 8 candidates would show up here. And, it does get worse. This group's dubious list of their accomplishments contains some pretty regressive stuff that I hope these candidates don't embrace - hit "read more" for the list, I also listed all the candidates in Miami Dade County who showed up at this event or advertised in their publication:

Christian Family Coalition 2009 Accomplishments & Community Outreach Events

CFC Stops the Expansion of Gambling in Florida!
As a result of your phone calls and e-mails and our lobbying efforts, we were able to successfully convince Speaker of the House Ray Sansom and President of the Senate Jeff Atwater to reject the concept of the expansion of gambling in order to make up a $2.3 shortfall in the state's budget.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Office Files Charges Against Abortion Doctor . . .
just days after the Christian Family Coalition joined Florida lawmakers in calling on Miami-Dade State Attorney to file murder charges against abortionist Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique in what has come to be known as the Baby Shanice case. The State Attorney’s office did indeed, file charges!

Pro-Life Ultrasound Bill Advances in Florida
The pro-life Ultrasound Bill which allows any woman in Florida who is getting an abortion to view an ultrasound of her child before making a final decision was approved by the Health Care Regulation Policy Committee.

Christian Family Coalition Successfully Opposes Legalization of Homosexual Adoption
Equality Florida, a homosexual group operating somewhere in Florida, proposed a bill to legalize homosexual adoptions in Florida. This year the state legislature did not even allow the bill to come up for a vote in committee, it was dead on arrival (DOA).

Christian Family Coalition Successfully Opposes “Sexual Orientation” Proposal
This bill would amend Florida’s civil rights laws to include sexual orientation (there are approximately 36 different “sexual orientations”) and gender identity. However, despite the best efforts from extremists to pass this bill, it also died on arrival and was never even considered in committee.

Christian Family Coalition Successfully Opposes “Domestic Partnership” Proposal
In an effort to bypass Florida’s Amendment 2, which defines marriage and its benefits as one man, one woman, this bill would recognize homosexual “couples” as if they were married for the purposes of marital benefits. Once again, this bill was stopped and not considered by the legislature.

Christian Family Coalition Hosts 2009 Statewide Legislative Victory Breakfast and Marriage Champion Awards
The Christian Family Coalition hosted its 2009 Statewide Legislative Victory Breakfast & Marriage Champion Awards where hundreds of supporters honored those elected officials who endorsed Amendment 2, Florida's constitutional amendment which protects and defines marriage as one man, one woman and contributed, in a significant way, to its success!

Christian Family Coalition Wins Lawsuit in California to Protect Prop 8 Vote on Marriage
In January, 2009, CFC filed a friend of the court brief before the California Supreme Court in support of the people’s right to amend the California state constitution to define and protect marriage as one man, one woman. In a nearly unanimous decision (6-1), the high court agreed with Christian Family Coalition and upheld the people’s vote on Proposition 8, defining marriage as one man, one woman in California’s State Constitution.

CFC Hosts Family, Faith & Freedom Luncheon with Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart
On Saturday, June 27, the Christian Family Coalition hosted its 2009 Family, Faith and Freedom Luncheon and Reception at the home of Carlos & Michelle Pastor in Miami. This year's keynote speaker was South Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, the Congressman discussed the importance of Christians being involved and how we can still make a difference in Washington by raising our voices.

Governor Re-Iterates Support for Current Adoption Law in Florida
This year, Florida Governor Charlie Crist reaffirmed his support for adoption to be reserved for one man, one woman, telling the Times-Union, "I think Florida has it right right now.” In fact, the governor does have it right, for the last two years, Florida has set state records for adoptions with 3,700 in 2008-09 and 3,674 in 2007-08. Florida has also decreased the number of children entering Florida's foster care system by 32%.

Invited to Sit on a National Task Force to Reach the Latino Community
Recently, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) was asked to sit on a National Task Force to determine how to best reach Hispanics across America with our pro-life, pro-family message. “We look forward to sitting at the table with other Hispanic leaders from the U.S. and Puerto Rico, to discuss how to best reach our brothers and sisters from other ethnic groups,” stated Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director of Christian Family Coalition.

Cindy Lederman Removed from Top Judge at Children’s Courthouse
Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Cindy Lederman, an extremist pro-homosexual judicial activist, who just last year struck down a 32-year-old law protecting orphaned children from homosexual adoption, which is currently on appeal, has been removed from her post as top judge at the Children's Courthouse.

CFC Hosts 2009 Family, Faith and Freedom Breakfast with Miami Mayoral Candidates
On Saturday, September 19th, the Christian Family Coalition hosted its most successful Family, Faith & Freedom Breakfast ever at the Miami Airport Hilton hotel with over three hundred (300) attendees!

Governor Appoints Pro-Life Pro-Family Conservative to Replace Sen. Mel Martinez
Christian Family Coalition applauded Florida Governor Charlie Crist for appointing George Lemieux to replace outgoing Florida Senator Mel Martinez. In 2001, Broward County party chairman George LeMieux took issue with a Republican club's meeting notice, which touted a statewide effort to recruit pro-choice candidates. The notice was distributed via e-mail to 1,500 Republican activists. LeMieux responded with his own e-mail, emphasizing the party is officially opposed to abortion and announcing a crackdown on party communications. Furthermore, since taking office in Washington, LeMieux has voted against so-called hate crimes legislation which includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” and has expressed his opposition to tax-payer funded abortion in the healthcare proposal.

CFC Hosts 2009 Anniversary Gala Dinner with Governor Charlie Crist
On Friday, November 13th, the Christian Family Coalition, Florida's premier human rights organization, held it's 14th annual gala dinner at Signature Gardens in Miami, Florida with over 500 people in attendance! "This was, by far, the most successful gala dinner in the history of the organization," stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director of Christian Family Coalition.

Christian Family Coalition sends out over 5.5 million E-mails in 2009!
From January-December, 2009, the Christian Family Coalition sent out over 5.5 million E-mails across the country, including action alerts, announcements, and special reports --- the most ever for the CFC in any one year, and the most for any single statewide organization in Florida

The sad Part....Candidates:

Candidates who spoke:

Philip J. Brutus - District 17
Karen Harrington - District 20
Paul Crespo - District 25

Daphne Campbell - District 108
Jeanette Nunez - District 112
Jose Felix Diaz - District 115
Carla-Ascencio Savola - District 115
Carlos Manrique - District 116
Carlos Trujillo - District 116
Ralph Rosado - District 117
Charles "Charlie" Lopez - District 118

Manny Diaz, Jr. - District 4
Perla Tabares Hantman - District 4

Eddy Barea - District 7
Carlos L. Curbelo -District 7

Lynda G Bell - District 8
A.E. "Albert" Harum-Alvarez - District 8

Javier D. Souto - District 10

Jose "Pepi" Diaz - District 12

Peter Adrien - Group 45
Samantha Ruiz Cohen - Group 45

Monica Gordo - Group 62
Robert Kuntz - Group 62

Manuel "Manny" Alvarez - Group 7
Edward Newman - Group 7

Michaelle Gonzalez-Paulson- Group 11
Flora Seff - Group 11

Special Commemorative Ads:
Frank Artiles, Candidate, State Representative, District 119
Michael Bileca, Candidate, State Representative, District 117
Daphne Campbell, Candidate, State Representative, District 108
The Honorable City of Miami Commissioner Richard P. Dunn, II
The Honorable State Representative Eduardo “Eddy” Gonzalez, District 102
Monica Gordo, Candidate, Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Group 52
Ana Rivas Logan, Candidate, State Representative, District 114
Morgan J. McPherson, Candidate, State Representative, District 120


miaexile said...

Thank you for spending the time to research and post this. The list of candidates associating with this group is an eye-opener for me..I plan to call those running in my district and let them know why I won't be voting for them. We don't need hate mongers holding office.

Anonymous said...

Candidates showing up gives legs to this group. That is why Sorenson never ventured there.

Anonymous said...

Agree anonymous above- you legitimize with your attendance. That is what is happening with Rubio and the tea party. Except it also takes a toll, bringing the candidate down - guilt by association.

Anonymous said...

Gay bashers. The commission might not vote on abortion issues but gay rights always comes into play. I want an open mind downtown.

Anonymous said...

Sink is going to be at their upcoming event...

Geniusofdespair said...

Checking on that....Thank you reader.

Trena said...

I don't believe in gay marriage but I am against hurting people for their sexual orientation or for any other reason, the law is a good one because we all know it is happening and I believe it was needed. I think this group takes a christian ideal and goes over-board with it. They seem very angry at gays in their statement.

Anonymous said...

Every parent is one gay or lesbian child away from understanding the impact of these issues. Scientists have documented the physiological differences in the brain stem of homosexual and heterosexual subjects. I tell you what, I will be for legislation that deprives homosexuals their rights just as soon as we add blind people, red headed people, short people, fat people...and any other people who are born a certain way. It is all ridiculous and I pity the candidates who did not have the good sense to stay away from this event. Today....I am pondering Thomas Jefferson's "separation of church and state" views. Churches are inspired by God and screwed up by men (and women). Like I said before, if Jesus were alive today, he would be a socialist. Let's not go there.

Anonymous said...

My child has told me that every war was created by religion and churches. I am hard pressed to defend the man-created entity against his logic. In fact, I can't.

I can explain to him my feelings about GOD and how that plays in my life.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised and extremely disappointed about Harim-Alverez. Albert, please give the voters some sort of explanation for associating with hate-mongers. If they vote for you, you represent them!

Crist - No surprise here. Oh yeah, Charlie, please take me off your mailing list. Your beard, sorry, wife, sent me a letter through your camp. Your whole relationship is a facade. Admit your sexual preference and stand up for your rights and stop catering to these haters that pretend to be Christians. Jesus, whether he was God or not, would never approve. He taught love, not hate.

And those of you that describe yourselves as "good Christians" should know that we're on to you. I guess its great to do what ever you want and be "forgiven". Hitler was a good Christian. He confessed all his sins and is now waiting for you in heaven!

West Kendall Mom said...

It's amazing that School Board candidates pander to this group. No way that I'll vote for Carlos Curbelo now. First he wants to destroy middle schools and their arts programs and now he panders his Republican agenda to these folks? Did Eddy Barea try to sell his school uniforms at the event?

Genius is right; savvy candidates avoid these appearances. Libby Perez knocked on my door and didn't attend this circus. She seemed pretty savvy to me and just got my vote along with my husband's vote.

Anonymous said...

again.... if a candidate wants to represent everybody, then he/she must try to attend as many as these interviews, as possible.
Just because a candidate went to introduce themselves does not necessarily mean they are 100% with this organization. example: Daniel Marmorstein attended and he is a Rabbi-Jewish.

Anonymous said...

He didn't attend this one. This is not the Christian Coalition this is a different group that many candidates avoid because of hate mongering. Even Piedra avoided this one.

Anonymous said...

to previous poster ... he DID attend, as I saw him and you can check the youtube video.

Geniusofdespair said...

There are 2 groups

the Christian Coalition
the Christian Family Coalition

only Lynda and Albert did both.

The family one is much worse.

Anonymous said...

The FAMILY one is obsessed with ragging on Gays.

Sympathy for the Devil said...

I was there and so was Harum Alvarez.
That said, candidates would go to a Wiccan Breakfast if they thought it would get them some votes. They'd promise Human flesh to cannibals if hey thought that was a winning strategy. Those that went to CFC did so in search of votes those that didn't calculated that it would hurt more than help.
Hate crime legislation is wrong not because its OK to hate on people simly because they're different but because
A- It involves interpetation of individual thought. If I bash you over the head it should make no difference if I did it to car jack you or because your gay or black or a Jehovas Witness. I simply bashed you over the head and that in and of itself is a crime.
B- It affords a special status under the law to people based on their demographic.

Anonymous said...

OK... my point is that just because a candidate accepts an invitation/interview, it doesn't mean that they are part of their mind-set. Candidates are trying to touch on all possibilities.
It is a good thing if they try to reach out to everyone across the board.

George said...

I disagree. Sorenson and many others have enough character to go or not go based on something besides votes.

Anonymous said...

this is not about Sorenson.
Times are a different now; the economy sucks; parties are divided; the world is harder.... trying to feel the 'pulse' of every group, is important.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sorenson was never invited...

Peter said...

I am gay and that Verdugo group is offensive to our community. Politicians know how offensive this group is. People in Miami would not want candidates going to a communist group. You have to be discriminating. The candidates that went to Verdugo won't get my vote.

Anonymous said...

OK Mr. Gay Guy...
you are free to vote our concious.
I don't think comparing gay issues to communists is the thing to do, but... whatever turns you on.

Anonymous said...

Democrats don't go to these groups.

Anonymous said...

...and your point is???

Geniusofdespair said...

Maybe they are smarter.

Cindy Lerner said...

I am currently in office, and held office in the past. The questionnaire goes out to all candidates for legislature, judge, county commission and school board. Those candidates who respond are either ignorant( and if so don't know enough to be a credible candidate) or desperate and listen to their ridiculous consultants who advise them to go to troll for votes, or they believe as this group does. It is up to us to let every one of those who attended know that if they are endorsed and they accept the endorsement, they will lose our support and we will tell all our friends not to vote for them. I have done this before with judicial candidates and they declined the endorsement. There has to be some accountability for any candidate who lends credibility to this group by responding to their questionnaire and showing up at their forum.

Anonymous said...

Sorenson did not attend because she is no longer running for District 8. I believe she has resigned from office.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance? Here is an outstanding example of tolerance from the CC group: Its not a meet other voters. Its your either 100% with us or against "us."

East Kendall said...

Albert will go to any extreme for a vote. He is scary.

Equally as scary is Lynda who wraps her religion so very tight around herself that the rest of us who try to be good people are shunned as less than her.

However, when a elected official practicing their faith gets into government and their faith becomes their message, I have to draw the line. Walk the walk and quietly lead by example, not bitterness and condemnation of others. I would not vote for either of these people who went to hang with the hate mongers.

Geniusofdespair said...

I am sorry. To report that Scott Galvin's campaign signs were defaced with the word "fag".

Geniusofdespair said...

Anonymous we all know Katy Sorenson is not running. She did not resign she chose not to run again. She ran a number of campaigns and never went to these group's for support.

Anonymous said...

Katy has not resigned from office.

When a successor is elected and sworn-in to office, THEN will she no longer be a Commissioner.

Just citing the facts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Katy, big government sucks, stop writing your nuance letters to the editor.

Anonymous said...

If Scott Galvin's campaign signs really were defaced with the word "fag," are we sure he didn't orchestrate it to gain sympathy? Coincidentally, in the same city (North Miami) the new Haitian-American Mayor was recently elected after his posters were allegedly defaced with the n-word. You can call me cynical about Galvin, especially because I know that he worked for both of the crooked Meeks.

Albert Harum-Alvarez said...

Thanks for the chance to answer these issues!

I am the only candidate who attended both the CFC event and the SAVE Dade interview. (SAVE Dade advocates for LGBT issues.)

My political consultants told me not to go to either of these meetings. They know that my positions are not extreme enough, right or left, to win those endorsements. And there 's a good question here: why go if you're not going to get anything from it?

The answer is simple: I did get something from it. As commissioner I will represent all my constituents, including members of both of these groups, and I intend to do all I can to understand them. I did learn from these meetings, even when I disagreed with their views.

I knew that the building groups, the LBA and ABC, would not support my campaign, since I have fought developers over two decades—and because I support the Hometown Democracy Amendment. But I went to the screenings to learn about those groups, and to learn about the political process.

This is what I've learned: the groups who endorse candidates are generally much more partisan than the voters themselves. So while candidates at the edges of the political spectrum gain endorsements from these groups, I continue to gain the trust of voters, by meeting them personally.

The remaining question in this campaign is whether support from regular voters is enough to overcome contributions from special interests. I hope you'll take a look at the new campaign finance reports, as EyeOnMiami has already been doing. The numbers will tell the story.

My campaign has broad and deep grassroots support, from regular folks—not lobbyists. I'm humbled by that support, and I intend to honor the trust that these donors have placed in me.

Anonymous said...

This guy spoke at the CFC. Looks like all the judge candidates did.

But then he did the right thing and got slammed for it by those guys.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see the large list of candidates that assisted to the Christian group meeting.

It is proof that homosexuals are just an small minority (no more than 1%) of people which in the past were treated by the Medical Institutions because their mental condition.

This was later on changed due to political pressure and not because physical or biological reasons.

The homosexual agenda is very harmful to society and I am very glad that we in Florida are enlightened enough not to allow adoption by homosexuals and hence we protect our children from sexual abuse.

Geniusofdespair said...

Yep, the person above, doesn't have a clue so they get my: PUTZ

which means not every worthy of a reply.

Anonymous said...

Thank you in advance for making it easier for not only myself but my family to choose the right candidates to run for the various offices. Anyone who is against the bigotry and manipulation that the various Gay groups promote has got my vote. Gays should not be allowed to marry their same sex partner nor adopt any children, it is the right of every child in this country and abroad to be raised in an environment which is consistent with the traditional mother and father. This is what is best for the child and our society now and in the future. Again thank you very much.

Peter Adrien also accepted donations from the Unity Coalition, a Hispanic Gay Propagandish Group. Vote for Samantha Ruiz Cohen -Circuit Judge, 11th Circuit Group 45.

Anonymous said...

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

Lets hope the blog Author is not bias and allows every single comment to be published. I for one would love to read the various views everyone has.

Geniusofdespair said...

The comment before the last one:

one word: Putz -- Not worth an answer

Ignore the judge crap. If you haven't done your homework Vote for whom the Florida Bar or Herald supports.

Herald supports: Samantha Ruiz Cohen. My lawyer friend supports Samantha, I will support Samantha but not because of the stupid posted comment above.