Monday, June 21, 2010

I agree with Anders Gyllenhall. By Geniusofdespair

In response to a reader asking why reporters and photographers don't chip in and help with the oil disaster, Executive Editor of the Miami Herald, Anders Gyllenhall said:

"The best thing we can do is capture the news and allow the reaction of readers, agencies and leaders to take the course on an event like this."

I think this is an accurate statement for Eye on Miami as well. We don't "Fix" we report and we offer opinions for your consideration and hopefully, we provoke the action of others who are in a position to "Fix" (like Kathleen Fernandez Rundle for instance). So to all the readers who harp on us to do more like offer solutions and take action, I say: "We do enough."

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swampthing said...

bit off topic but speaking of reporting/not fixing take a look at this rather amusing reality video of another "road to nowhere" here in the swamp.

what's not surprising is the reporter's failure to include Jeb in his list of people to send a copy of vid to...