Sunday, June 20, 2010

How much is this crab going to get from BP? By Geniusofdespair

We have the fund for the people getting hurt financially from the BP Oil disaster, but who is going to pay this guy when he gets gummed up? Don't see the video? Reload the page or hit on this link: How is this little fella going to continue to excavate?

I saw this crab on Cocoa Beach and was amazed that he knew enough to throw the sand pretty far from the hole he was digging so the sand didn't fall back in. I wondered if he could complete this flawless maneuver with oil lodged in his joints. I am more worried about the critters that you can't help by throwing money at them.

I can't go to the beach now without thinking: "Will this be my last time?" (Crab excavating taken by someone else with a night vision camera.)


Anonymous said...

You can apply that thought to eating shrimp, too, whose price is going to rise to the stratosphere.

swampthing said...

BEACHES CLOSED we dont need bp to crab-up our waters... NW 18 ave n 157 street, sewage pipe breaks, 20 mil gals spill caca into waters from haulover to sobe n beyond.

genius, i go in our perfect ocean everyday, but the dreaded thought that it might be my last swim is tragic.

Anonymous said...

We don't always realize that money can't fix everything.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear how they pulled up some port-0-let trucks on the marshes when the President was visiting. Sunday the Coast Guard shut down some barges because people weren't wearing life preservers. So the locals went out and bought wet vacs and siphoned off 110 gallons of muck and water themselves.

Costner's machines were put to use today, I believe. Let's see what happens. He has 30 or so of those bad boys. They suck up the stuff and return the sea water with no more than 2% of the hydrocarbons in them. It will be interesting to see what can be done with them.