Monday, April 12, 2010

Obdulio Piedra in District 8 County Commission Race. By Geniusofdespair

Obdulio Piedra, born in Havana, a resident of Pinecrest, just entered the District 8 race. Thirty years of community service is his claim to fame. He says he is active in the Chamber of Commerce and was on the Charter Review Committee and the Budget Review Committee, appointed by Former Commissioner Dusseau. He said "My agenda is the people's agenda." Obdulio said that he thinks the UDB line issue has to be one of 'balance' -- and he admits that it will be part of the dialogue for this seat. He is right, especially with the Homestead Speedway trying to move the UDB line at this time. The speedway issue will bring out all the candidates UDB line stance.

His treasurer is Fernando Aran. He joins 5 other candidates and 2 rumored candidates in this race...see my blog. NEWS FLASH: Carlos Pereira has dropped out of the race.


Anonymous said...

Piedra's first treasurer , Aran, is an attorney, his second, Chavez, is in real estate and the third is the candidate.

I'm not sure why one would need three treasurers.

Also, he comes up on Village Realty in Key Biscayne.

Right, I'm sure he wants to "open up dialogue" on the UDB......Or, he should have said let's open up the UDB!

Are the LBA behind this candidate? I'm losing track as to who is who.

Anonymous said...

Question for Mr. Piedra... Where does our drinking water come from?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Piedra, what are your views on the Rasco regimes in Key Biscayne and County Hall?

Anonymous said...

Good questions anon 2 & 3, I'll add, how many of the Candidates actually know where the UDB is and have been keeping up with the EAR?

Anonymous said...

Ask Bell, she is very knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 12-1 is going to be 13-0.

Anonymous said...

The reason he's running is that if his employer Great Florida Bank is seized he is going to be out of a job. He has the support of the Rasco et al

Chuck in Princeton said...

A quick check on Google shows Piedra's a Pinecrest resident with a track record of financial contributions to Cuban-exile causes and GOP campaigns, including the '08 Senate race of John Cornyn in TEXAS and the bankers' political action group.
We're wondering about a not-so-hidden agenda that motivates such a behind-the-scenes heavyweight to enter a fairly obscure local race.
(The race is VERY important to us who live in the district, but relatively obscure in the big national or regional picture.)

Anonymous said...

To Chuck in Princeton:
It also shows he contributed to Raul Martinez (D) for Congress