Friday, April 09, 2010

No one can go off on a tangent like Commissioner Javier Souto. By Geniusofdespair

The discussion was about posting an opt-out notice on the Yellow Pages phone book cover so that people could easily choose NOT to get yellow page books that they weren't using (see my post yesterday). Remember, it would not effect anyone else...ONLY the people who chose to discontinue getting the book.

Well, this issue prompted this insane response from County Commissioner Souto...the ramblin' man. You must watch if you never saw him in action before.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. When he started talking about "living in oblivion" the irony was just too much.

He even resurected Arthur Teele.

I couldn't watch the whole thing and can only hope Mimi Planas can pull off a miracle and defeat him. It's way beyond time for him to find something else to do.

Anonymous said...

Nice pick up. WTF is Souto talking about. Voters are idiots. IDIOTS. Unreal unreal unreal unreal. There is no La-La Land that would be too far out for Javier Souto.

Anonymous said...

From opting out of a phon book he moved it to book censorship. This guy's mind is dangerous and he should be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! The man is insane. He's all for the environment and trees but he never saw a grove he would not slaughter.
I guess the lobbyists did not coach him well but they got the result they wanted.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone vote for him?

CATO said...

Democracy is the pathetic belief that collective wisdom can come from individual ignorance

I want one of those "books" with a tree, some trilingual stuff, a library and a trip to Guatemala.
The way this guy gives away stuff Mimi's got a snowballs chance
Thanks Commissioner see you in Colombia!