Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toxic Sugar lends a helping hand to Congressman Kendrick Meek ... by gimleteye

Two weeks ago I wrote about the letter from Congressman Kendrick Meek to Gov. Charlie Crist, his potential opponent in the general election campaign for US Senate, in which Meek cast aspersions on the deal Gov. Crist initiated to purchase more than 70,000 acres owned by US Sugar in order to move Everglades restoration forward. That deal is supported by environmentalists. I speculated that Meek, who has rarely expressed interest in Florida's environment, had been enlisted to the task by Fanjul family lobbyists. The billionaire Fanjuls are opposed to Everglades restoration based on acquisition of lands now in sugar, unless those lands are priced at the value of platted subdivisions at the market peak. Maybe I wasn't far off. Read my earlier post, two weeks ago, here.


Anonymous said...

The Fanjuls are Democrats?

Anonymous said...

The Fanjuls play both sides routinely, but at the end of the day, they will support whoever caves first, like Clinton, the pressure of their money. Typically, though, the GOP does it better.