Saturday, March 06, 2010

South Florida Cancer Cluster? By Genius of Despair

The Palm Beach Post reports on a suspected South Florida cancer cluster. According to the article, in 2006 and 2007, Southern Florida had more than twice as many childhood brain tumors and cancers as would be expected in that size population: 52 cases instead of 24. Miami Dade County is included in the analysis.

The study is scheduled for publication next month in the journal Pediatric Blood & Cancer.


Anonymous said...

Worse did you know that ambient light during the night can increase a woman's chances significantly of getting breast cancer?

Milly Herrera (Hialeah) said...

Construction and road construction debris is everywhere, every time they demolish some of the older buildings/structures, they also release asbestos into the air, tap water has too much chlorine, flouride and other substances that may be too high in their levels, we tend to be out in the sun more here, drink a lot of liquids from cans and plastic bottles, and we are all just too stressed out.

I think these are some of the elements that may contribute to the general health of the population. Of course, these are not facts - just my own theories.