Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quote of the Day By Howard Simon of the ACLU. By Geniusofdespair

Great quote today in the Miami Herald by Howard Simon of the ACLU:

It seems like a bad idea can always find a home in the Florida Legislature.

On target Howard! This is going on our quote hall of fame (right side of page).


Mensa said...

What else do you expect from a bunch of dishonest politicians?

Malcolm said...

In some undetermined future time an anthropologist in search of pure crystalline stupidity will stumble over the record of the Florida Legislature. The search will end there.

The US Senate has now terminated the voucher program that helped cripple the public schools in D.C. but in Florida legislators are rushing to extend and enhance voucher funding to the tune of $31 million. And did you hear the one idiot legislator argue that some of the people's tax money should be given to private schools because it's private money? In his deluded mind the taxes he pays is still his private money!

Then because these boobs are incapable of addressing the State's budget deficit in the only way it can be addressed (by raising the taxes of the wealthy and the developers and corporations that have raped this state) they are ready to take a stand on the budget of the United States of America. They need to hide from Florida's emergency behind a meaningless call for a balanced federal budget.

Their pea-brains are unable to fathom that the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency and the deficit spending it allows for is responsible for the rise of the US to the planet's single and unrivaled superpower. It's the reason they have lived in the lap of luxury until now. Their beloved US military could never be deployed from Japan to Afghanistan to Germany without the unique right of this country to run budget deficits.

All of these mental defectives were elected in an era when nothing was required of public officials except a pulse. Serious people were actually running things and these blowhards were supposed to make an occasional speech and then run off to a banquet where they take turns giving awards to each other. They were rewarded for their service by getting a chance to feed at the public trough. You know, get your hair cut for $135 or travel to Europe with a few friends.

These pathetic souls are incapable of grasping how drastically things have changed now. The economy of the US has been mortally wounded and is on life support. The only thing that stands between us and total shutdown today is the FED's printing presses. But the day when the plug must be pulled is nearing.

When the end comes for the economy and the social order it generates, it will be dangerous to have been a Florida legislator. People in the deepest pain of deprivation will go looking for those who fiddled while Florida burned and those who cowered from real leadership in this crisis. They won't even know what hit them but for sure the arrogance of ignorance will be gone.

"The taxes I pay are my own private money." There you have it, one of the legislature's rocket scientists.