Saturday, March 06, 2010

Live the Lie with a Spokesjerk on Health Care. By Geniusofdespair

Private health insurance rocks...or does it, the myth dispelled by a paid health insurance spokesman.


Jill said...

That was great.

Glad I have health insurance said...

You know how feel about health care.. I am now at 7 weeks and counting ...waiting for the filling of my high blood pressure meds...

And I have (I thought) a good program.

Anonymous said...

this was brilliant. I don't know why Obama has not presented the insurance companies for the leaches they are. He was on his communication game during the campaign and in the past 2 years, as president, he's "gone" from this persona. What happened to the president I voted for? I'm very disappointed in his abilities to govern. health care should have been done a whiled back. WE NEED JOBS to pay for our health insurance. Sigh.

Suzan said...

This is news?

What kind of citizens do we have for whom this is news?

People marketing products to you on TV are liars.

My guess is this will continue until the last insurance company raises the last premium by 50 percent.

Of course, the whole health care system will be deep-sixed by then as the practitioners will have left for other fields (or countries).

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

This was an eye opener for the uninformed I'll bet.

I'm going to run it at my site with credit for you.