Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why is the 2014 Florida Speaker of the House being chosen now? by gimleteye

The Florida GOP can't get out of its own way. The St. Pete Times/ Miami Herald picks up the story of a failed developer (it was arsenic!) being chosen as 2014 Speaker of the Florida House. Why would the GOP be reaching so far into the future, tapping someone whose business background reeks of Florida's blasted economy, to one of the party's top positions? We take some heat on this blog for being unfair to the GOP, but the truth is that even Independents and Democrats want an opposition party that raises the bar of public discourse, not lowers it time after time. Since the GOP majority in Florida acted like drunken sailors during the run-up of the housing boom and still hasn't gone through anything resembling its 12 Step Program to recovery, I'd recommend just putting the 2014 selection of party leaders on the back burner. My recommendation to Florida's GOP: find a designated driver who doesn't have anything to do with the Growth Machine whose parts lie broken, rusted, and scattered all over the state of Florida.


Anonymous said...

The 2020 speaker has already been chosen "in utero".

Instead of a portrait in the Capitol, he, or she, can be identified via sonogram.


Anonymous said...

this is a huge mistake and I bet it changes

Anonymous said...

...and is Fresen any better? Mr. SB 360 himself with his own home foreclosure problem, long history of CDMP amendment lobbying in M-D County and ties to a certain Charter School that's invading residential neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Fresen is worse. But Republicans in Florida have not exactly dazzled us with their good sense.