Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl: New Orleans wins. By Geniusofdespair

Everyone in my house was happy the Saints won. They seemed to catch every break in the game especially that 2 point turnaround on the Lance Moore catch. The play was first ruled incomplete but overturned after a replay. Caveat: Because I liked the game doesn't mean I want taxpayers and tourists to pay for stadium upgrades Rodney Barreto.


Anonymous said...

The owner of the Dolphins is a billionaire. He has been one of the richest men in the world for decades. He wants the taxpayers to pay to improve his stadium. I read he wants the taxpayers to buy him an additional 3,000 seats. New revenue for him.

I say let him pay for his own improvements. After all, no one forced him to buy the stadium.

Just say No to another taxpayer bailout of another billionaire.

David said...

It was most satisfying to watch Pussywillow (aka "Happy Feet") Manning throw the game ending touchdown pass to the Saints. While I respect his wicked-scary ability, he fulfilled his pussywillow destiny by falling apart when it counts most; again. While the Colts have been the most dominant team in the NFL regular season for the last 6-8 years, only one superbowl tells the story about what kind of eggs they're carrying around in their baskets. Congratulations to the Saints and former twice potential Dolphin, Drew Breez.

JoeRobbieProPlayerDolphinLandSharkSunLifeYourNameHere Stadium said...

Aw David, don't knock Manning, it detracts from the Saints winning this game. They got to the big game because the Vikings lost the NFC championship more than the Saints won that one.

And to the stadium issue - I find it interesting that the NFL says that we have to put a roof on "$10 Hooker" Stadium as Dave Barry calls it, but then moved their HQ and a bunch of the pre-super actvities to Broward. So is Broward going to pay for the improvements?

David said...

You know, Peyton Manning is probably one of the greatest ever, but there's just something intangible about him that gives me goose bumps and makes my hair stand on end. Whatever it is, I just don't like him. Maybe its the goody two shoes image that just can't be true...but then, whose is? Dave

Anonymous said...

I want to drink a beer and watch a game with you one day G.o.D.

Maybe some time in 2012.