Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Serious Candidate is Already Running for Miami Dade Mayor in 2012. By Geniusofdespair

House Rep. Marcelo Llorente is quietly amassing a bankroll to run for the Mayor of Miami Dade County. He has already collected almost $200,000 in a a fund-raising frenzy. Llorente went to Tulane as an undergrad and graduated from Florida State University College of Law. He was elected to the Florida House in 2002 and is Chair of two committees, Full Appropriations Council on General Government & Health Care and Policy Council.

His campaign has as contributors, parimutuals, real estate investment firms, medical supply firms and healthcare firms (no surprises if you look at his committee appointment) and, of course, a barrage of law firms and attorneys.

Marin & Sons and Lobbyist Ronald 'Ron' Book have also given and Book's family as well. Is Marcelo already being represented by Steve Marin, the rainmaker in City of Miami politics?

Jose Pepe Riesco is getting professional fees, he is Mayor Alvarez's guy - he orchestrated the Strong Mayor Campaign.

Other candidates, here is some advice: Get off your asses. This race is well underway.


Anonymous said...

What a depressing list of backers.

Just open up the doors and let the lobbyists back up their trucks so they can empty County coffers.

Anonymous said...

Another Penelas! I'd settle for a troll with warts and wattles if he or she would be free from from the powerbrokers and lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

An honest troll is far better than another Steve Marin stooge.

Anonymous said...

Marin/Reisco led the failed Joe Sanchez campaign

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not so. Marin got Commissioner Suarez and Commissioner Carollo. My concern about these young politicians that get lots of money from the special interest is that sooner rather than later they fall from grace. If seasoned politician don't have a backbone to special interest, how can a young lad like this be able to stay away from $$$? Voters have to start voting if you want some other type of government that is not influenced by special interest.

jaguar said...

Llorente is quiet but smart. He can play a better inside game than most politicians. But check the dates of the bulk of his contributions: over $130,000 came in first quarter of 2009 when he chaired appropriations in the State Legislature. There isn't much local money in there. And he's raised less than $60,000 since then. True, he has time to build an organization and increase his name ID, but he starts way behind others, like Comm. Martinez, Comm. Gimenez, and Mayor Robaina.

Geniusofdespair said...

Mayor Robinia? Now that is actually worse than Martinez.

Anonymous said...

Jaguar - politics is not a game to us. The way we are governed is serious to us that is why I am voting for amendment 4. I am tired of the game being played at my expense.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, Anonymous - its just an expression.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jaguar, that you have to look at when his fundraising was strongest. Llorente got most of his money from Tallahassee folks in 2009, when he was in a position to help them. Additionally, there is some discussion that Rep. Rivera threw him a few bones to get out of a highly contested, 3 way Senate race against Anitere Flores.

Llorente's fundraising will dry up on April 30th 2010, when he no longer holds elected office. It will be a long 2 years to try an raise money for the 2012 Mayor's race, when he is not a sitting politician.

All that being said, my understanding is that he is a "nice guy", personable, but not a big "Policy Guy" (that means what it means). Think Charlie Crist.


Anonymous said...

Llorente will end up running for a Commission seat, not the Mayor's Office when it is all said and done. Look for him to go after Zapata for District 11. There is no love loss there!

Anonymous said...

From bad to worst? This town is a political sewer. Decent people will have to face the serious alternative of moving away from this depressing environment. Obviously, all the crooks from the Legislature have decided to run for local office, and no one who runs with limited means has the slightest chance. A real mess!

Anonymous said...

Go here for votes from Marcelo to see how you feel about him:

Anonymous said...

Marcelo voted yes on SB 360

Here's his popularity with special interests, per

Chamber of Commerce
03 90%
05 100%
06 96%
07 92%
08 97%

Builders and Contractors
03 89%
05 100%
06 100%
08 50%

Interesting stuff. Not sure how accurate the numbers are.

Anonymous said...

Llorente versus Zapata for Commission is not even a fair race. Zapata will take him to the cleaners.

Zapata is a much more serious leader than Llorente who has been seen partying in Tallahassee.

Anonymous said...

Llorente seems like another stooge.

Anonymous said...

Llorente does not have any life experience. After law school, he jumped into the State Legislature. Additionally, throughout his 8 years in office, he passed 2 bills! What the hell was he doing over there????

How can an individual with a 2 bill track record truly be the problem solver that South Floridians are looking for.

Llorente, do me a favor, step down, develop your career and experience on what is going on here in Miami, then come back and represent the people of South Florida. Or you could continue passing laws regarding steroid use and athletes. hahahaha, what a joke!

Anonymous said...

Llorente for mayor???? Are you kidding me! He isn't even a successful attorney let alone a good politician. He was manhandled by Rivera and still seeing stars from the beating he received. Wow, talk about being sucker punched by the devil himself. Rivera convinces this idiot to drop out. Then Llorente is stripped of his Appropriation Chair. I mean damn, Rivera took him straight to bed without at least taking him out for a steak dinner. Hahahaha. The BCC will beat this kid up and spit him out.