Friday, February 19, 2010

Seminole Theatre in the County Audit. By Geniusofdespair

I reported on the County Audit of the Homestead CRA yesterday. I reported on the Seminole Theatre February 15th. In the post I said the theatre had gotten about $3.3 million so far. The audit says that they have gotten over $4.3 million from various sources over the past 10 years. Among other things, the audit says the CRA paid $162,000 for builder's risk insurance even though the management agreement required Seminole to pay those costs, they pay $40,000 a year in management fees, and they paid almost $22,000 for a pigeon dropping cleanup. I find it odd that they paid about twice as much for builders risk insurance during a year (2006) they didn't pay for construction.

The audit recommendation for the theatre:

TIF funding for the project should be discontinued until there is some assurance that the Theatre will be operational in the foreseeable future, and can be financially viable given the competing theatres in the surrounding area.

That was my recommendation too. I said in my post, stop funding it if it won't be used.

In other Peyton Place, I mean Homestead news, another sex text scandal, this time the Park's Director. I reported on the former City Manager's texting yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Homestead is currently out of control.
They are firing people with no replacement being made. Issuing illegal purchasing contracts.
The mayor is under investigation for battery on his tenant.
City council is trying to give a charter school company 11 acres of city owned land at the stadium for a dollar.
Five members of the council were elected by a PAC formed by the director of the Seminole theatre and funded by Wayne Rosen. Who just happens to be working with the charter school company. Conflicts all the way around with that one.
They put a manager in charge who was forced to resign from Doral on multiple issues.
There needs to be a public call for a cease and desist order of any contract awards or city legislation until issues are cleared up.
Council needs to be suspended and put the city in the control of someone like Victor Diaz until all of this and more is rectified.
I forgot, the mayor's first order of business was to cut building fees he owed the city from 2004 and 2006 by 30%.
Homestead has a government not for the people but for themselves.
This Seminole thing is a complete disgrace $4 million dollars and every two or three years they put a different color pastel on the outside walls to show what they did for the money.

Anonymous said...

FBI, help Homestead!

Anonymous said...

The restaurant across the street from the Seminole, should be cited by codes, they have boxes piled up with supplies actually in the dining area and one door is blocked off, where the boxes are stacked. This Mexican Bistro is the best and most popular restaurant in town, a sad commentary to restaurants everywhere. Hoemstead is backward personified.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the boxes near the rest rooms.

Anonymous said...

$22,000 for pigeon clean up could have been avoided with a couple of cats. One would think Homestead has a few alley cats on the prowl.