Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pepe Diaz's Proposal Almost Died in Committee. By Geniusofdespair

Commissioner Pepe Diaz's stupid proposal that I reported on yesterday that said: "WHEREAS, this Board wishes to provide each commissioner the ability to establish a trust fund for the collection of tax-deductible private sector contributions for such public purpose projects in the commissioner’s district" almost died for lack of a second.

Audrey Edmonson voted for it. Apparently Joe Martinez was out of the room during the vote (probably talking to a lobbyist) and when he returned he said he wanted to second it. After a legal opinion, the lawyers said it could be heard again next Committee meeting so it is on the Agenda for next month and with a second now, there will be a discussion. I figure they have Edmonson, Diaz, Martinez, Seijas (who probably thought it up), Rolle, Souto and maybe Sosa. Could be a close one if it gets out of Committee.


Anonymous said...

It is sure to pass because they all see the rainbow at the end of the line... they have no shame, but even more disgusting are the cretins who have voted for them. The County Commission is a sewer!

Anonymous said...

The County Commission is just a cesspool of sleaze! I watched a few hearings yesterday, or part of a few.

I recall the VNS calling Katy Sorenson the "Sara Palin" of the democratic party and Katy wasn't even at the Committee meeting.

Then at a later hearing, I watched the Federally indicted Peter Schnebly shove the most anti Ag orginance through another Committee. I guess that any goes in the Ag district now if I understand what I read and heard yesterday.

My thoughts after watching the two committee's - they stink and just about every last one of the sitting Commissioner's have lost sight over what their true purpose is supposed to be.

They no longer serve the people, they are the puppet masters and we are their slaves!

Dade County sucks and there's nothing anyone can do about it other than move!

Anonymous said...

I resent Joe Martinez and the VNS. I have such guilt that not even a priest could absolve for ever holding a sign bearing their name. The light may be at the end of the tunnel. Joe is going for Mayor and will get smoked and the VNS is reportedly serving her last term.