Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bribe, Peace Offering or Zoning Strategy in Palmetto Bay? Guest Blog By Miamigal

Palmer Trinity School in Palmetto Bay tried to expand and now they are trying to appease their neighbors with a bribe/peace offering, depending on how you look at it.

I think Palmetto Bay’s Palmer Trinity is betting on the community naively accepting the tickets and the warm fuzzy letter at face value. Actually, it makes me think of the times I invited the neighbors to my parties, because if they came or not, they would not complain about the noise because I thoughtfully included them in my planned chaos.

To be honest, I think the tickets represent a zoning hearing strategy. I can envision it now: The Palmer Trinity attorneys standing before the Palmetto Bay Town Council, explaining how they reached out and touched their neighbors. I have a news flash for those guys. Palmer Trinity is already reaching out and touching the community with traffic, noise and lawsuits. Yes, the school creates community based action, but not the kind most folks respond to in a happy way. Folks getting the tickets in the mail ought to think about the strings attached.

Meanwhile, I have a suggestion for Palmer Trinity. Next time, take the money you plan to spend on printing and mailing those letters and place it directly in the hands of the charity, Red Cross for Haitian Relief. The community isn’t asking for special favors from you. They want to be treated just like any other neighbor, like the parents of your students, they want peace and quiet at home.


Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't help the neighbors raise money to pay the attorney bills.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the neighbors are small-minded extortionists.

Ed Ludovici said...

Whats with this anonymous said, if you can not stand up and say what is on your mind then do not say it.

Palmer Trinity has been sending neighbors tickets to it annual International Festival for about 5 years now. It is a way of inviting neighbors to come on campus and share good food and conversation. To one who see a conspiracy at every turn, you can never satisfy them. Neighbors take the tickets and venture forth from your homes and share the day together.

northside neighbor said...

Mr. Ed, sir that isn't the truth. I live almost next door to you and I never got anything besides aggravation.

People are anonymous on this blog when they could fall victim to retribution for having an opinion.

Ya know, if I want to party with my neighborhood, I go knock on doors or pick-up a phone, I don't need tickets.

J said...

Given that I am not an immediate neighbor of this institution I can not opine as to the impact that his or any other event may have on their "quiet enjoyment". I can say that as an attendee of this event I was tremendously impressed with the talent of the students who participated and the organization of the event. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with the students, parents and staff. This is school is a great asset to our community. They are developing good citizens. I only regret that the price of tuition makes it unaffordable for many within our community. As to their desire to expand their foot print, I believe that there should be a willingness on the part of the immediate neighbors to work towards a solution rather than the "just say no" position that many have taken. If you have the time, stop by and ask for a tour their student-run corals lab. It's amazing what these kids are doing.