Friday, July 10, 2009

If Only We Had Amendment 4, We Would Get to Vote on This! By Geniusofdespair

The Ferro application (South of SW 104 St. & West of SW 162 Ave.) to move the UDB line is in the County pipeline. The County Commissioners will vote on it in the Fall because moving the line requires a Comprehensive Master Plan map change. We, the County Voters, won't be able to ratify the vote if it passes. If Florida Hometown Democracy, Amendment 4, was the law, we would. I would like having that option because there are speculator-owned land parcels neighboring the Ferro application that would then become viable for development -- falling prey to development like a house of cards. In order to move the line, you have to at least be touching the line somewhere to be considered.

Caution: There is talk that the unreformable majority of County Commissioners want to move the whole Urban Development Boundary out to Krome. If they do, we would not get to vote on this or many other applications. We must be vigilant.

Cartoon By Jeff Parker from Florida Today.


Anonymous said...

It's a bad app when Miguel Diaz De la Portilla comes out to represent it. One claim for approval of the amendment is "local employment opportunities" (see Marlin's story.

In this same cycle of filings, Mr. Bercow has an application for FPL to designate Major Roadways near Turkey Point. That was a fun read too!

Anonymous said...

It is a really small application, and to be honest, this is really a whole in the UDB that should be evened out to begin with.. This is not a lowes or parkland type request.