Monday, June 22, 2009

Twitter Ain't for Me. By Geniusofdespair

Has the planet gone mad? Someone tell me the point of mindless chatter? These are all separate, actual posts I found on various sites (with hundreds of followers) on Twitter. Why would anyone bother reading them...or writing them:
Just caught my reflection in a mirror. My hair looks schweeeet
Home sweet home. mmmm...nighty night twitter-verse
I'm baking a cake for my hubby's birthday tomorrow!
Crying in my room watching Degrassi. cooool.
Home from my driving hour
My bed isn't made...
Nice! Free parking! Which street is the garage on?
Getting my hair blown out again.
Going into Einstein bros to get a bagel.
Wondering when Adam Lambert opens his fan mail and packages?????


Andy said...

Yeah, that's Twitter's biggest problem. There is a lot of noise. But there are ways to get around it, and get a very quick snapshot of what people are talking about, or listen to voices you wouldn't otherwise hear because they don't want to blog.

Michael Calderin said...

Are these posts from people you know? If not, it's no surprise the posts are meaningless to you.

Twitter has its uses -- and they're different for different people. What you get out of it depends on the network of people you connect to.

Geniusofdespair said...

Some are post from people I don't know who post on my site, some people I know on other sites and people I don't know. A sampling of 1/2 hour on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Know them or not, this is dribble and boring to even the best of friends.

Chris Mora said...

I find no point in Twitter.

Anti-Twitter said...

I am getting ready to close the bathroom door.
I made my deposit.
I washed my hands.

Anonymous said...

When they start charging, this oddity will go the way of the jott.

CB said...

For all the hype, few are using it. 10% of the accounts make 90% of the traffic and it's something like an average of 75 days since the average users last post.

youbetcha' said...

I don't have time to twitter or twedder and I don't really care to know who is doing what to their various selfs.

swampthing said...

yeah, like it's not even worth commenting on. oops to late.

Jill said...

Funny you should post about this...
I have a Twitter account... don't know why.. just signed up because... well, just because.
At 4:37 p.m. today I got a tweet from a person I do not know.
When I looked up the "A little more information on" it said: I'm a gymnast and I can flex for you and made an offer.
All I can say is "thanks for thinking of me but no, no thanks.

Jill said...

Most people use facebook in a similar way. If I wanted to know how you were feeling at any particular moment, I'd ask.

WOOF said...

Can you post the gymnasts' specifics ?
Sweeet Tweeet

Jill said...

Don't worry. She'll probably find you.

Anonymous said...

Twitter isn't for everyone. Just like all tools, it's nice only to those who find it useful. I'm actually debating about it tomorrow in a class at FIU.


Geniusofdespair said...

Put it on youtube and send us the link to your debate!

Anonymous said...

–adjective, -twitt--e-r.

1.affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; twitterless.
2.destitute of sympathetic without friendly companionship
3.lone; solitary; without company; companion less.
4.remote from places of human habitation; desolate

Anonymous said...

I'll try to record it but I'm not sure I can.

sparky said...

Interesting that this post generated so many comments.
I turned my twitter account off when it started getting spammed.
And for the people above--yeah, ok so you hear some voices. But who cares? Does anyone need to hear the low rumble of 6 billion people going about their days? I could watch bad tv all day in the hope that there might be something good there, but what's the point? Life is too short to spend time sifting through yet more chaff.

Geniusofdespair said...

therealedwin - well any info would be welcome...we like to educate our readers.

Jill said...

Yeah, chaff like this, Floridians For Smarter Growth:
Maybe I'll follow them. It's interesting to see who actually is following them - mostly the media, lawyers, folks from the Florida Retail Federation and, interestingly enough, Alex Sink.
Twitter - FLSmarterGrowth

Anti-jobs "Hometown Democracy" proposal certifies for ballot as "Amendment 4" ...
about 14 hours ago from web
Fla. Secretary of State certifies anti-jobs "Amendment 4" for ballot ...
about 16 hours ago from web
Tallahassee Democrat hits the ball out of the park; makes case against "Hometown Democracy":
11:01 AM Jun 19th from web
RT @dkrassner : "Hometown Democracy directly attacks the root of representative democracy" ...
4:44 PM Jun 18th from web
Court rules on Hometown Democracy ... decision sets stage for ballot showdown:
5:40 AM Jun 18th from web
Charlotte Herald Editorial lays out the case against "Hometown Democracy" ...
9:58 PM Jun 15th from web
Great piece in the Tampa Trib ... Supporting good leaders, not Hometown Democracy, best idea:
6:28 PM Jun 15th from web
FSG: Anti-jobs Hometown Democracy amendment to appear on ballot, group claims ...
5:57 PM Jun 9th from web
Anti-development Hometown Democracy amendment has enough signatures for 2010 ballot, supporters say ...
5:40 PM Jun 8th from web
2010 referendum on growth management developing ...
4:07 PM Jun 7th from web
RT @russelltuff : Hometown Democracy kind of sucks - This week's column
11:59 AM Jun 4th from web
So-called "Hometown Democracy" amendment nearing ballot:
8:50 AM Jun 2nd from web
Small town paper shares firsthand story of it's "Hometown Democracy" nightmare -
8:00 AM Jun 1st from web