Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Miami Today" Tells County Commission: Don't Raise Taxes! By Geniusofdespair

Michael Lewis of Miami Today makes an argument to Miami Dade County to NOT raise taxes, as they are contemplating, saving me the time. He says:

"...The private sector has had to cut — and none of us has the option to make someone else pay so that we can keep on spending as much as we did in the heady boom days." And:
"In fact, if the county cut that entire $350 million to $400 million tax shortfall out of the budget in the coming year it would be spending about $350 million more than just three years ago." Finally:
"...Don't come to us, commissioners, and paint possible spending loss as the end of police and fire services and parks and senior citizen care, as you always do when spending cuts are hinted at, because plenty of areas can be cut with far less public pain."


Brent said...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Open letter to Miami Mayoral candidates Joe Sanchez and Tomas Regalado ~


Ms. Plansky, of 'Miami Today News's enclosed article brings up the subject of a tax increases for the Citizens of Miami-Dade -- which brings up a question from this voter. What are your respective positions on dealing with the large deficient that the City of Miami currently is experiencing and will continue to experience into the near future?

In November of this year one of you will become the Mayor of the City of Miami. As the new Mayor of the City of Miami what will you do to ensure to bring the costs of running the City of Miami within reason thereby eliminating the necessity of raising taxes? I know all voters look forward to your answer.


Brent Cutler

Pol Pot said...

We must return to budget Year Zero? Seriuosly the City State and County Budget have been out of control for quite some time the 1994 Budget was 2.6 Billion if you factor for inflation and population budget should be about 5 billion, and criminals weren't running rampant on the streets, or seniors starving in the middle of the street nor were houses burning down in 1996.

And that 1996 budget I assure already came with it's excesses, so those are also factored into the 5 billion.

Geniusofdespair said...

Brent this is a county post not a city post. Stay on subject.

Say Hoss! said...

I think Michael was right on the money in the whole editorial that he wrote in Miami Today. Very few people will be able to afford living down here the way the county commissioners and county manager blow our money. It's long past due for the county to start cutting salaries and benefits and reduce the taxes inflicted upon us.

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade County elected officials need to eliminate 500 employees and the City of Miami elected officials need to eliminate 150 employees. Simple. The City of Miami could start by firing all the people who get paid yet do no work.