Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miami-Dade Cat Mutilator Charged. By Geniusofdespair

After 33 cases of dead, mutilated cats in the Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay area of Miami Dade, according to the Miami Herald, “Tyler Weinman was charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and 4 counts of burglary."

Looks like an innocent enough 18 year old...shows you can't judge people by how hey look. The really odd news:

The Miami Herald has a whopping 174 and counting comments (11:48am) on this story and it only broke after 10:00 am. Some are truly bizarro. The COMMENTS ARE NOW GONE (1:05)?? What is that about? It appears his mother is personal development coach.

Here is feedback from a neighbor in the Village:
As someone who lives in Palmetto Bay, I was torn between being scared and angry that this person was getting away with it. I went to a press conference yesterday, before he was identified, and I listened to the stories of those folks who had lost pets. It was sad. Even more was painful to think that cats were most probably going to be the stepping stone to more violent acts.

As a parent, I cannot imagine how this young man's parents are aching. Their lives are changed forever, if not a disaster forever.

For his friends, who had to know something was going on, they need to remember by covering up for him, they are as guilty as the one who held the knife.

This is too organized for one person do this alone. In the best interest of the community, I want the investigation to continue. This county needs to know that all those involved are picked up and incarcerated. We need to sleep at night knowing that people are not going to be violating the community by killing our pets and doing whatever else they wanted while we slept. This is terrorism on a very local and personal level.

Thank you to all the police, animal control and Crime Stoppers. Everyone had to work long hours to catch this guy.


Anonymous said...


He is smiling.

Anonymous said...

100% his parents are at fault. I'm willing to bet every penny that they abuse/abused him.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment above mine really shows how stupid people can get in the nature vs. nurture debate.

Mothers can't control every situation when the fetus is forming. We can't control our genetics. Since we are so primitive in our understanding of how mental illness develops and how to cure it, really the best thing we can do is lock this animal murderer away.

The rush to blame the parents is nonsensical. It reminds me of the rush to blame music or video games after Columbine.

Glad it is over said...

Maybe not, maybe he is ill. If everyone that was abused in life acted out because of it, we would be in a terrible situation.

Who knows? It is heart breaking, anyway. For everyone involved.

Geniusofdespair said...

He is charged, not convicted.

Anonymous said...

I lost my kitty on Friday morning at age 17 to old age and a withering body and I know how I feel, even knowing this day was coming. But to all those who lost pets they considered family members, my sympathies extend to you for losing years of affection, purring and gentle unconditional love.

This kid is displaying part of the McDonald Triad, of which bed wetting and fire starting are the other two legs of sociopathic behavior.

M.a. said...

Top ten songs about cats. A palmetto bay kitty killer's play list.

10. Cat in the Craddle- Harry Chapin
9. Smelly Cat - Phoebe from Friends
8. Pads Paws and Claws- Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney
7. Cool for Cats - Squeeze
6. The Meow Mix Song- Morris
5. Whats new Pussycat- Tom Jones
4. Honky Cat- Elton John
3. Year of the Cat- Al Stewart
2. Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent
1. Leave my kitten alone- Elvis Costello (remake)

Chrystal said...

Thats so sad

Geniusofdespair said...

What is sad? the lame cat song list, the kid being arrested or the cats getting killed?

Anonymous said...

It starts with animals.

youbetcha' said...

I went to the kid's face book page. He looks like every other kid.

There was no reason to publish the addresses of the family and of the house were he was when they arrested him. That sort of information has often been published in obits and crime reports and it seems that it should withheld in those cases. It certainly should be withheld in cases such as this because it will subject the family members and neighbors to further victimization.

Genius, I think is sad for any community when a young person is arrested. Unfortunately, our county is full of sad stories where the kids, for what ever reason, end up on the wrong side of the law. I believe (at the risk of sounding like a old fart) there is too much violence and crap on the market and kids starting believing it is the real world. I don't know the answer, but I do know that I am sorry for everyone involved, including the police officers and animal control folks who had to process the crime scene. There are no words of sympathy that will heal the kids who found their pets, I am so sorry for them.

Geniusofdespair said...

Someone posted a youtube of the kid and some mutilated cat photos...maybe he does have friends who are still out there.

long island gal said...

This is very brutal for an 18 year old boy. If he can do this to animals then most likely he might do this as well to humans (hope he won’t). I really think he needs some psychological medication because this is a very unusual thing to do.

Anonymous said...

It is either brain chemicals gone haywire or some deep despair ... it wasn't very promising to read about the sign on the father's door, "in case of fire, save the cat." Very sad.

SHEILA said...

iam Sure That If The Judge Does Not Put Him Away,Somebody Will Take Him Down..... i Know That I Would If He Did That To My Cat......I Dont Care How Sick...He Is........

Anonymous said...


If you think killing a human, no matter how sick they are, to avenge the death of a cat is okay, then maybe you're the one with problems.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Sheila, your complete disregard for the justice system is disgusting. You'd shoot him if the system doesn't lock him up? What?

Killing cats is wrong. Period. But you're equally lacking humanity if you really believe what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Katy Sorenson was quoted in this morning's Miami Herald eviscerating the accused cat-killer. If she was mis-quoted, then disregard the remainder of this posting. (But I suspect not, because no correction has been posted at this moment.)

Ms. Sorenson's comments distilled down to, "guilty until proven innocent." I am regularly intrigued and violently offended that the most allegedly "liberal" politicians among us are so flippantly hostile to individual human and Constitutional rights ... once they open their mouths and speak their personal "truth."

Where is the outrage that Katy Sorenson has already convicted this accused young man? The issue is NOT whether he is guilty; he may yet be found to be so. The issue is Ms. Sorenson's announced verdict that this particular individual, merely accused at this moment, is in fact guilty and is sub-human.

The intellectual horror of Ms. Sorenson's comments is, well, breathtaking. But no one in this particular blog universe seems the least bit concerned that she has annointed herself judge and jury and reached a definitive conclusion before the presentation, in an open court, of all the evidence.

Of course not! Who needs that legal process when it's Katy delivering the verdict? She's perfect! She can't make a mistake! She, er, KNOWS!

youbetcha' said...

I think Katy was one of many people who did that, if she did indeed say it that way. All the politicians there most probably knew the details of the arrest that have not been shared. It may have been a slip of the tongue because there was irrefutable evidence presented to them.

There is an amazing tendency for the population to assume if someone is arrested that they must be guilty. Of course, people getting released from jail because they were proven innocent 15 years later because of technical advances shows that the guilt test isn't always perfect after they are proven guilty by a jury.

Anonymous said...

What is this world coming to? An eighteen year old cat murderer. This whole thing must have been made.

Anonymous said...

Could be a tactic by home builders to deflect attention from their efforts to sabotage the wood stork.

Anonymous said...

Sheila is right! If he had killed one of my pets his parents would have found him in their front yard. People that hurt animals will eventually do it to another human being. Kids like this little punk DESERVE to suffer the same fate as the poor animals he killed!!!! Im sure someone will take this kid and his friends down and when they do ill be the first one there saying he got what he deserved!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Sheila for having a normal human reaction to these atrocities.

As far as Weinman being abused or in despair...I don't think so. Look at his mugshot, and the evil smirk on his face. Does he look like an abuse victim? He's just a vicious spoiled brat. His parents don't abuse him, they make excuses and bail him out.