Monday, June 01, 2009

Has County Commissioner Joe Martinez Learned Anything from The Jose Canseco Road Naming Fiasco?

Joe Martinez sponsored a resolution (which passed) to name a road after a young girl involved in a tragic accident. Yes, it is so sad that this girl died. It should be noted she was driving illegally with a restricted license at 11 pm, without an adult in the car. There is also a man involved in this accident. He had retrograde amnesia, was in a coma for at least a month, will never be able to use his right arm, he lost his good job and can never work again. He has over $1,000,000 in medical bills.

The police report says it is unclear who was at fault as there were no witnesses. They do know he was going straight but she might have been making a left or going straight. The homicide report might determine who is at fault. We don’t have that information.

What is the Miami Dade County criteria for street naming? If someone is driving illegally and might be at fault (we do not know) in a major, tragic accident, is it proper to name a street after them? Couldn’t Joe Martinez have waited till the dust settled on this one? Remember Joe with much fanfare recently, had to remove a street name, Jose Canseco, when drug use came into the picture.


Anonymous said...

Politicians know that dead children and frail old people make good props to make themselves look compassionate.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad one, I believe street naming has run amok in Miami Dade. If we don't stop maybe we should ALSO name a street after the other guy in the accident to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe didnt name the street it happened before he was elected.

Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks, I fixed the post. But he should have learned from HAVING to change a street name because of bad publicity, that there should be careful thought to what he is doing. Street names should not be just a vehicle to make constituents happy.