Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lowe's Shareholders get Scolded by "Environment Florida"! by Geniusofdespair

From a Press Release:
Environment Florida delivered the concerns of 10,000 South Floridians to the Board of Lowe’s Companies, Inc., regarding the major home improvement retailer’s proposal to build a Superstore in protected wetlands near the Florida Everglades. As the shareholder representative of Green Century Equity Funds, an environmentally responsible mutual fund, Environment Florida Advocate Adam Rivera addressed the Lowe’s Board at its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and handed over 10,000 petition signatures from citizens opposing development in the Everglades. (hit read more)

“Over half a century of development and pollution have disrupted natural water flows, harmed wildlife and destroyed half of the Everglades ' unique, species-rich wetlands. Projects like the Lowe’s Superstore bring us closer to cementing the fate of Everglades ,” said Rivera.

Lowe’s has been pushing to build a big box store in Miami-Dade County that falls outside the Urban Development Boundary (UDB), a line drawn in the wetlands to protect the endangered Everglades from swiftly-encroaching sprawl. Development already extends up to the boundary itself in many areas of the County. The proposed Lowe’s store would straddle the boundary and include more than 10 acres of wetlands officially designated as off-limits to development.


Anonymous said...

Exxon Valdes oil spill = Alaska death

Lowes = Everglades death?

Who buys Exxon fuel any more? Not me and many others I know.

Who will buy Lowes' any more? Go away from Florida Lowes!

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing that at least some of Lowes'shareholders give a crap about the environment. I wish more shareholders of big box stores would force a code of environmental ethics. I am tired of Lowes/Home Depot/WallyWorld/etc plunking stores down with no regard to the damage they do to the environment, farmland and small businesses.

Anonymous said...

Tell him about it!
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