Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gitmo prisoners: why not jail them in the US? ... by gimleteye

Isn't it wrong to refuse incarcerating prisoners/terrorists in our own jails on our own territory? I understand it is not popular to have terrorists or enemy combatants on US soil. Is it a security concern? When was the last time a prisoner broke out of a maximum security facility? I just don't see why we feel it is necessary to imprison enemies/terrorists/criminals elsewhere. If the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are legitimate enough to commit the blood and treasure of American children, why isn't America good enough to hold their murderers and plotters? Do you see a difference between jailing maximum security prisoners tried and sentenced for domestic crimes as opposed to jailing terrorists awaiting trial or convicted here?


Judi Kregg said...

My concept was that if we torture prisoners in 3rd world countries, then the politicians have plausible denial. It still seems to be working.

Anonymous said...

We should just move all our guards away from the prison and then maybe an "accident" can occur - a fire or something

Lynn Anderson said...

Better yet, let's build the prison in your back yard.

Gimleteye said...

I understand the not-in-my-backyard perfectly well. Interesting BTW to watch the Republicans push that button on network news. Most of the opponents of NIMBY'ism I know are Republican developers. To address the reader, above, there is no prison in my backyard. But, the ringleaders of 9/11 blended into the South Florida landscape quite well. In many areas of the nation, the prison economy is keeping local economies afloat. What does the addition of "terrorist enemies of the state" to US maximum security prisons really mean? That we are magnetizing our communities for terrorists, more than our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? I don't know: maybe it's just me. But if I lived by a maximum security prison, I don't think I'd worry much about the addition of murderers condemned by the state, wherever they come from so long as they have been incarcerated and punished legally.

Anonymous said...

Have these prisoners had a trial yet? It was my understanding that many of them were put in prison because they were "sold out" by others for profit. Also, aren't we still operating under the concept of "innocent until proven guilty"?
It's the same old Republican concept. "Keep the masses afraid and you will be able to control them." Sorry, when I hear someone telling me to be afraid, I no longer listen. What am I afraid of? FPL. Cheney. No change in health care. Global warning. People believing everything they read and hear.
Bring those guys on over. They're the least of my worries. It's just another mess leftover from the Bush administration that is left for Obama to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Wow this last anon post is gone wild...Dude share some of that weed you smoking.

Anonymous said...

Letting these guys out is like the "Red Dye in the Well field" experiment. We just let them out, and time how long it takes to recapture them on the front lines again.


swampthing said...

No reservations?

"KILL them over there so we don't have to HOUSE them over here."

Old school solution is simple, finite ... n spiritually bankrupt.

Ask the private-for-profit incarceration business what they want; they'll say we need more tax $ for jails.

When does the 99 year lease at gitmo expire?