Friday, May 29, 2009

Florida Trend poll calls out SB 360, Bad Developers Bill ... by gimleteye

An online poll from the state's top business magazine, Florida Trend, asks readers, "Should Gov. Crist sign the growth-management bill?" 69 percent of respondents answer, "No, I agree with environmentalists and city officials." SB 360 is a stinker. We've written about it a lot at Eyeonmiami and will write even more often, if Crist allows this travesty to become law.

In the state of Florida, in the first quarter, there were more than 374,000 homes in various stages of foreclosure. Since 2007, permits have been granted for more than 630,000 new residential units and 480 million square feet of nonresidential space. In the entire nation, total housing starts have plunged from the 2.3 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) peak of January 2006 all the way to the 458 thousand of April 2009. Read: Florida builders have obtained permits, despite the housing market crash, for more houses than are under construction in the entire nation!

To understand, simply, the insanity of what Florida builders and speculators demanding to be law, check out this simple video. Then vote at the Florida Trend site.

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Anonymous said...

If I understand correctly, by not signing the bill, it will go in to law? Any update on this?