Monday, May 18, 2009

1BOG: cool solar energy business to reduce what you pay FPL ... by gimleteye

Love this idea! 1BOG (One Block Off the Grid) organizes big groups of people together who want to get solar energy, and gets them a huge discount. Homeowners looking to buy solar panels face a few problems:

The website says:

"It’s expensive
It’s complicated
They don’t know which installer they should trust.
1BOG organizes people in a community to go through the process together. This approach has several benefits:

An organized community can buy solar in bulk, so 1BOG negotiates with installers to get impressive discounts for each homeowner in the collective. We make the process much more simple and painless, as well as use our deep solar energy expertise to educate consumers throughout the process. We offer safety in numbers, and unlike the installers themselves, our incentives are always aligned with yours."


rolmas said...

This is a great concept. I would be very interested in starting something similar here in South Florida. I have a solar company and am already giving volume discounts to my clients. We sell a 3.5kw system at $6.50/watt.

I would be more than happy to organize a meet up and answer questions on solar.


Ja$oN said...

I too would be interested in starting something like this in south florida. I have just started my solar company in miami dade area. Currently, FL Green Energy is offering the following services:

* Solar Hot Water
* Solar Electricity
* Energy Reduction
* Energy Conservation
* LED Lighting

Thousands of people in the US have already become more energy efficient because of environmental and monetary concerns. Take advantage of the current rebates and incentives offered by our government, as well as our 100% financing option to help you save money.

Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our energy consultants at 305.809.6099 or email us ( with any questions you may have about energy alternatives. Become more energy efficient and save thousands of dollars today!