Wednesday, April 29, 2009

End Transit Tax? Futile Exercise, But So Much Fun! By Geniusofdespair

According to Miami Herald’s Matt Haggman, A proposal aimed at giving voters a chance to end the controversial transit tax goes before Miami-Dade County Commissioners next week.

County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez is sponsoring the proposal. He is turning into the County Commission’s White-Haired Knight. It seems like he gallops in to battle boondoggles and infuse issues with a dose of sanity — much needed at County Hall.

Haggman reported, regarding the transit tax, that "...nearly three-fourths of the $900 million collected for new projects has been spent on bloated staff, outsized salaries and maintenance of existing operations."

I don’t think the County Commission WILL EVER agree to put their transit tax windfall on the ballot. A petition drive will be necessary to do that but I give Carlos credit for trying to make them all go on record. He might be joined by Joe Martinez who is whoring himself out in his reckless pursuit to be the next Mayor. Aside from Joe, I see this issue dying quickly. In fact, I am sure they will collude not to second the motion — that way no one will have to go on the record. No second, no discussion. Isn’t that how it works?


Coral Gables Gal said...

Graphic rules! I am going to send it to him.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Larry Lebowitz? Why wasn't he the first string reporter?

Anonymous said...

you gotta wonder who the people are that write some of those comments on the Herald. Just totally outside of reality. One made a comment that Gimenez wanted to repeal the tax in order to remove the CITT.. Are you kidding me, Gimenez is the only one protecting the CITT since day one, and has sponsored legislation giving the CITT more independence.

The more time goes on, the more it is clear that Alvarez is just another version of Penelas. Lots of talk, no action, no change, just same old thing, keep the money coming in to pay off my friends. Well, thank the lord for term limits.

Anonymous said...

I think the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I think that Commissioner Gimenez wants to do the right thing , at the wrong time and with potentially terrible consequences.
I was one of those that voted for the measure even thought I knew that we were never going to get everthing done. I knew this , specially after the commission promised the cities 20% of the tax.
What we are doing ,if this measure passes, is taking away the Golden passports from seniors, and limiting bus service to those roads that can pay for the service. That would mean that Miami Beach, and Flagler Street would keep it's buses , but the rest of the system would have to stop unless we want to put more of the general budget to pay for transit.
I have a car. So I don't have any problem getting around. I use the Metro rail often because I like to conserve gas, But what will happen to those whose only means of transportation is the bus. What will they do.
Katy is right. This is a representative democracy and sometimes our elected leaders have to make the hard choices.
I have the greatest respect for Commissioner Gimenez , but on this one I have to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, I have to respectfully disagree with you and Katy. The electorate of the County approved the PTP measure with the understanding that PTP funds were going to new capital improvements of the transit system (Metrorail lines), expanded bus service, etc. Ok, sounds great, but, what happens? As soon as it passed, Transit all of sudden informed the public that it was running 20 million dollar plus budget deficits for years (5-6 if I recall correctly), and they needed the PTP funds to bring them back in the black. Give me a break.

We were lied to. Now, the BCC decided to officially stear those funds into the general fund for operation and maintanence. The people, not representatives of the people, but the people voted to approve the PTP because we, collectively saw the value of a better transit system for the community, and needed to create a dedicated funding source for matching federal funds. But, because our government is wasteful, and incompetent, we had not funds to match, because they were all eaten away by years of budget deficits in transit.

If we are not going to get what we voted for, and the County is going to use those funds for some other purpose, we should have the right to vote on it again. This is a matter of principle. The problem is that the administration does not want to make the tough decisions. They don't want to tighten their belt if they don't have to. We need to force it upon them!

Katy tends to protect the administration way too much. She trusts them. I do not. This is just another way for them to show lower millage rates, but, at the end of the day, we are all paying for it.

no mas tax... said...

this is a gamechanger...i think Carlos KNOWS his collegaues wont approve the issue and is going to get them all on the record, and im guessing he is getting his ducks in a row for a signature would be curious to see what ballot that issue would be would be interesting if it was november of 2010 when several commissioners (including Katy) will be on the ballot. Hard to get re-elected pushing for a tax where you lied to the people... Game changer!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of you are so naive! Gimenez is just playing the "good guy" game. Remember there must be "balance" among commissioners, particularly when one or more are aiming to run for higher office (M-D Mayor). I'll be convinced only when that commissioner rejects his slush fund which costs tax payers millions of dollars per year; reduce or eliminate the executive benefits and other perks they have bestowed on themselves! After their show of "goodness" they go to their offices to laugh about how well they deceive the credulous public!

Geniusofdespair said...

I don't care if he is PLAYING the good guy game or if he IS THE GOOD GUY. As long as he is on the side of good, he is my guy.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, you sound like an Alvarez groupie.. Keep up the good fight for inefficient government, you are really doing the residents of this County a service. As much as you may dislike the Commission, the real corruption in this County is at the staff level, including the Mayor..

Anonymous said...

VNS...and her ilk - Audrey and Barbara: The three Senoritas. Blame them not the mayor.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong thinking I'm an Alvarez groupie. In my opinion he also stinks, along with Burgess, his assistants and many other big sh... in county government. It's your prerogative to continue in love with Gimenez or whomever other county official you have fallen for. It's your opinion and I respect it -for a change, why don't you respect mine? That's why our country is going down the tubes -because of people who feel they own the truth and don't tolerate any opposite views!

Anonymous said...

I can tolerate opposing views. That is one of the hallmarks of democracy. But, my right, is to also convey my opinion. I support someone who wants to change the status quo at the County level, and the only person I see doing that on a consistent basis is Gimenez. You may disagree, however, the facts are the facts.

Anonymous said...

The surtax should be abolished. The county commissioners and the former mayor penellas lied to the voters.

I hope everyone remembers every time a politician lies to voters.

Remember Bruno Barriero and Dennis Moss for the $3 bil Marlins bailout. That scam will cost taxpayers over $2 bil in interest costs alone.