Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reflecting on the August 26th Election by Geniusofdespair

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The final Tally was a 15.6% Voter Turnout. The Miami Herald says that “Low turnout translates into big wins for Mayor Carlos Alvarez.” The challenger Helen B. Williams is black in a predominantly Hispanic county. She raised about $4,000 and did little, if any, campaigning. The Mayor raised $866,245 as of August 21st. Helen, doing nothing with these 2 strikes against her, got an amazing 34% of the vote – 58,273 people voted for her. I find this a pretty interesting match-up.

The rest of the County Commission races: They sucked in my book.

I drove around yesterday. In the Vile Natacha’s district I saw Vile Natacha's Chief of Staff, Terry Murphy, arms crossed over his Seijas T Shirt, staring out into the parking lot at a Miami Lakes Library. I could see voter turnout was low which always translates badly for challengers. Incumbents usually have the early voting and absentee ballots sewed up with their loyalists and their mailers.

I drove out to the Hammocks, a neighborhood in Whilly Bermudez’s district. There were black clouds overhead. As of 8/21/08 Martinez, the incumbent, collected $358,545. He had a last minute infusion of cash from Rock Mining interests (large amount of donations), Shoma Homes, The Farm Bureau, The Browns gave about $8,000 (they have an application pending to move the Urban Development Boundary). Remember, the limit is $500 but they have multiple corporations - I counted 16 donations.

Again, voter turnout was low in this district. What startled me was this bus enclosure ad within view of the voting precinct. Remember, with all his bucks Martinez could easily have afforded a bus enclosure ad. But, we paid for this one. Joe: You could have played fair. You had plenty of money. This is a thinly veiled campaign ad for which I had to fork over tax dollars. Hit read more to see voter turnout:


miaexile said...

I'm dumbfounded this morning. I was positive at least 1 commissioner would be voted out.
It's time to change the election of the county commissioners to coincide with the November elections which always get a larger turnout. This is nuts.

Anonymous said...


Actually, County Commission run-offs would have been decided in November, if you had more than 2 competitors, and no one candidate received more than 50% plus 1 vote. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

In order to make your proposal a reality, I suppose instead, there could be a primary in August in only those races where there are more than two competitors, and hold the final in November. In those races where there are only two competitors, under this hypothetical, would not face each other in August, but, would have to wait until the November General Election.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

My vote for Williams was a vote against Alvarez. I could not vote for him for 2 main reasons; his support of the stadium/tunnel or lack of support for a vote and his endorsement of the vile Natacha. He has forgotten who (the people) put him in office and gave him a strong mayor position. Other than his vetos of moving the UDB, he is the 13th commissioner. People expected him to clean up government, as he promised, but he has done little to warrent that trust. He can't be so desperate for union support that he would climb into bed with Seijas. He would be a more popular guy if he remembered the strong support he had when he was a maverick. That's what we wanted; someone who would take of the unreformable majority. Alas he had folded like a cheap suit.

Anonymous said...

Same old song I'm afraid. They control the election timing, developers control them and no challenger has a chance unless there is a scandal. Since there are so many scandals and a gutless ethics and public corruption staff who don't even investigate, there is no linkage to any one individual. It is an endless loop of incompetence at all levels. Eyeonmiami has to be recognized for the votes that the challengers did get. Without your efforts the incumbents may have had 100% of the votes cast. My advice is to start drinking heavily for the next four years. In the word of Carlos Giminez, okay?

Anonymous said...

Last anon. They control EVERYTHING period. Occasionally I look at my butt to see if it hasn't been branded yet.

What's with the weird letters in the Word Verification? Follow Harvey's advice and "print" in block style to make them easier to read.

Genius of Despair said...

second anon what a great idea. If it is not a primary it should be in November. Let's sue

Anonymous said...

Just read the write-up on the elections and couldn't help wondering what Joe Martinez was doing re cell phones.

When I was younger 11 or 12 years ago, a program was established with AT&T to program cell phones to dial only 911 for woman that had reasons to fear for their lives from either the husband, boyfriend, or other. There is an apartment building set up for these families that is undisclosed to protect them. I'm not aware that this program has ceased to exist. Why is he duplicating the work??

Anonymous said...

That kid Bermudez deserved it! Not to mention that hes got the biggest set of balls in the state of florida!!! People like that can do great things!

Joe: without your 3100 absentee ballots and the $352,000 you would have been relieved of your duties!


Anonymous said...

Whilly Bermudez has got a heart too big for his own body. I hope the public can one day know how good he can be for the people.

A real shame that the people didnt do better to prevent Martinez from extending his term.

Genius of Despair said...

It shows what a low life Martinez is. With all that money he had to plaster his face on a bus shelter and make us pay for it. The copy on the poster sounds like an ad for him.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit after meeting and volunteering with Helen Williams, I'm not surprised at all at her results. She is funny, smart and despite the low fundraising, garnered 34% of the vote in a Hispanic County. had she had more backing and a planned campaign, she'd have done some serious damage. She rocks.

Anonymous said...

I too was hoping at least 1 commissioner would be vote it out. I guess we have to wait till they get arrested instead.
Good point on the primary issue how can you have a primary with only 2 persons running for office. Those races should be held over, I'm sure a lot of people didnt realize this races were final.

Helen represents the anti-vote said...

Helen sent a message.

It may not have been her campaigning that won those votes. The truth about that vote is more than likely about the mayor's own stubborn lack of recognition that there is a whole bunch of people that are non-Cuban beyond his Sweetwater/Westchester/Hialeah fiefdom.

If someone had thrown money at a experienced candidate, the mayor may have had to rethink his future. He ought to anyhow, as he has political plans for the future and 34% of a no confidence vote at this point means he has to start actually working.

It would be nice to see him veto something that he knows is not a sure winner; most of his vetos if you look at them, are a win for him no matter what the commission does. If the commission over-rides the veto, he still is the "good boy" in the public eye, AND if they fail to over-ride, then that is icing on the cake for him.

It is all politics. A little less politics and some genuine service to the community would go a long way against the Helen's of the world.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Helen; no I am not black. Alvarez started off with a bang, getting rid of some bad department directors. Then the wheels came off. He has too many Cubans in his inner circle and no diversity. His inner circle forms a barrier and, I think, does not tell him all the things he should know.
But my biggest reason is GEORGE BURGESS. George should have been gone long ago. He is a master with numbers but is stuck doing the commission's bidding and is a soldier to the chambers and big business. His opposition to incorporations is legend. Alvarez,get a county manager who cares about common people.

Anonymous said...

I'm Hispanic but voted for Helen. I was very disappointed by the Mayor's support of Natacha Seijas and his almost paranoic backing of the Megaplan. He has become commissioner #14 (ups, #15 as #14 is already held by Harvey Ruvin).

miaexile said...

final thought on my suggestion to move ALL elections to November - no more August elections period.
1. It would save $$$$
2. If there are more than 2 competitors, then you hold a special runoff election after the main November election.
This August voting hurts on alot of fronts - especially when it coincides with the long labor day weekend. Alot of folks don't vote absentee or this early voting, which btw, also increases the cost of the election I would assume? ) crand are out of town on holiday ( yep, some of us don't have kids! )

This August voting is nothing more than trying to have as few people turn out as possible.
Besides, the end of August is major hurricane time. The whole idea of August elections in Florida is for the birds.

Anonymous said...

I am more concerned about the Martinez / Bermudez race. I hear that the incumbent mailed out the absentee ballots - instructions. He also hired (3 time loser) Mr. Luis Castillo to secure hundreds of absentee ballots. These absentee ballots need to be examined closer - theres something strange there. Martinez did not impress at the voting pricincts at all. His edge came with the thousands of absentees.

Genius of Despair said...

not totally accurate. Here are the numbers

Election day 1,589
Absentee 897
Early Voting 598

Joe the bully
E day 4,074
Absentee 3,144
Early Voting 1,376



Genius of Despair said...

Bottom line, low turnout is a win for the incumbent because they have their die hards.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Genius...

So Whilly $15,000 = 3,084 votes.

Joe Napolean $353,000 = 8,594 votes.

What could the kid have done if he would have had $60,000?


Jenny Ruano

Genius of Despair said...

He probably could have won. Here is my suggestion want to run against the even numbered commissioners:

Start Now! Open an account. Start walking door to door and fundraise, get $5 at every door.

Enrique said...

Not only does the August (So Called) Primary give the incumbant commissioner an advantage but it also makes sure that they don't have to answer to voters interest when finalizing next year's budget. The Commission has its budget meeting on Sept. 4 so they have the freedom to fund projects that benefit their campaign contributors instead of their constituents. A November election would force them to make the tough decisions that the people want.