Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Funding AGAINST Hometown Democracy Petition by Geniusofdespair

According to the Florida Hometown Democracy Group:

"The Chamber of Commerce, which has long crusaded against the right of citizens to amend the Florida Constitution through petitioning, is now paying their professional collectors $3 per signature for their “Smart Growth” petition!  The Chamber, with a huge war chest funded by St. Joe Corp, Big Sugar, Miami Corp. and other major land developers, is rapidly buying their way onto the ballot!"

We wanted to know what the Miami Corp. was and here is what we found, this clip in the Daytona Beach Journal (hit to enlarge):

Don't be dopes get the Florida Hometown Democracy petition signed, you can see the stakes are really really really big.


Anonymous said...

I would almost be for this "new city" if I knew they would do it right . . . but of course, they won't. With the way Floridians see land, it never will be. Too many people here think they're special because they have land and want to keep others off it and so forth. And if Miami Corp is allowed to develop, that's exactly what they'll do. So anything to stop them would be great. But at the same time, I can see how this would be a great excuse to support hometown democracy, but that amendment still scares me. I've heard the propaganda from both sides, but having actually read the amendment myself, it's obvious it's not that great of an idea. I mean, on the outside it sounds great, but just like the majority of environmental groups say, it leaves too much unanswered. The only thing it does is sound great to NIMBY's and that's it. Yeah, some elected officials are crooks and need to be jailed, but that's because no one with integrity will run, or the ones that are there, are utterly overlooked because of some other jerk in office. It's like cops, when one turns bad, everyone starts fearing all cops.

But yeah, Miami Corp should change it's name to Florida Rapist Corp, but that's still not enough reason to throw away Florida to NIMBY's and their "oh, I got here first so no one else can live here" mentality. We need smart REDEVELOPMENT, that's it.

Genius of Despair said...

nimby will not rule the day because people not directly effected will also vote...not just the neighbors. So stop with the nimby argument.

Anonymous said...

genius, you got no clue. people not directly affected will vote? you can't even get those directly affected to vote. so who's left? the loons. this is a great service you do here, though i don't agree with much of what you say. you force me and others, im sure, to think critically, and for that i thank you. but if this amendment passes, you will never get even responsible growth in this state. nevermind what's considered "growth". everyday projects will grind to a halt.

be careful what you wish for...

Genius of Despair said...

We should have lunch...no bettr, you should watch your commission in action. Too lazy to go down to county hall, watch it on TV. If you can watch 3 meetings and not grow to hate your government and realize how it is destroying South Florida, you are brain dead. You can't vote out people because of districts we are virtually stuck with them forever. You should read our archives...I have been around long enough to be a genius because of all the despair...it teaches you to think around the evil doers.