Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Arrested Lobbyist Sandy Walker, County Commissioner Vile Natacha Seijas, Lobbyist Miguel DeGrandy, Nuclear Power and the Dolphins. By Geniusofdespair

I am going to let quotes from the Miami Herald today stand "as is" because they illustrate our wacky life in Miami.

Lobbyist Sandy Walker pleaded guilty to submitting false tax returns and is under house arrest in a plea deal.
Walker, whose clients have included well-known landowners and builders, said she won't miss being a lobbyist.
''I never felt that was my calling,''
(ya think?)

Natacha Seijas' response to the Britto shirts suggested for airport workers.
'I don't want to see the employees at the airport walking around with tacky shirts on, My maid wears better clothes than this T-shirt.'' (both elitist and degrading) and:

she didn't like the flamingo design on one of the proposed button-down shirts because ``it looks like a snake.'' (Not a Britto fan but what is with the Freudian fear of snakes?)

Florida Power & Light on Tuesday filed formal papers with State regulators to build two new nuclear plants in South Miami-Dade County.
In the filing with the Public Service Commission, FPL said it was seeking to add 2,200 to 3,000 megawatts in two additional units for the existing Turkey Point. (Some people down South are brain dead, maybe the two reactors already operating have created a meltdown.)

Ripping off county taxpapers? Parking Garage and Miguel DeGrandy:
The parking garage operator at Miami International Airport overcharged Miami-Dade County about $500,000 over three years by passing along inflated payroll costs and insurance fees, according to a new report.

But a lobbyist for Airport Parking Associates dismissed the report as naive and uninformed. Miguel De Grandy, a Coral Gables lawyer who represents the firm in talks with MIA, noted airport officials approved the disputed fees and were free to seek their own insurance policy. (Miguel, really!)

Pathetic Dolphin news:
Five former Dolphins, including Wes Welker, are finding success and are happy to be with undefeated New England this season. (escaping the Dolphins seems to be a win-win).


Anonymous said...

I knew you would be photoshopping Britto on to Seijas.

Might there not be security concerns at the airport if the new attire is available to anyone in the gift shops too?

Genius of Despair said...

I think anyone who buys a Britto shirt should be arrested.

Natacha's Maid said...

That quote is so typical of Natacha...I wear better clothes than she does...

Anonymous said...

Isn't Walker Commissioner Jordan's sister?

Genius of Despair said...

yes that is her sister (read my column yesterday) and Mayor Otis Wallace in Florida City is her brother.

Anonymous said...

Seijas has a fixation with maids. She called the Hispanics involved with the movement to recall her "maids that clean the 5-acre mansions". Now, she has a maid that dresses well. If her tacky outfits are an indication of her good taste, her maid must also wear pedal pushers and flip flops to work just as the picture of Natacha during the discussion of the Lowe's store to be built outside of the UDB.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad fpr Britto... he is a fun artist and she stomps him.

That is downright mean. She could have stopped with "I don't think they are appropriate" or "I want more a professional look"... but nooooooo, she had to force her personal tastes on me.

I would not wear flip flops and peddle pushers even at home. YUK.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I read the title of this post and got all excited thinking Nasty Nat had been arrested too.
Then ,goodness gracious, I agree with Nasty Nat about the flamingo-snake.Actually as you show it on her it greatly resembles a weird trouser snake!
What else is next? Am I going to dream of Sneaky Sandy ratting out her own brother and sister?
I know it won't happen just as I know she will lie about her knowledge of lobbyist corruption .

Sandy Walker in leg irons? said...

Will Sandy Walker have to go to jail if her "help" is not productive?

Anonymous said...

No. They tried to turn James Burke and couldn't or wouldn't. Maybe they should try rendition.

Anonymous said...

if the convention bureau wants the shirts approved, they shoul dhire DeGrandy to model one. Natasha can never say no to Miguelito...

Anonymous said...

Let's ask Natasha to provide her maid's immigration status and Social Security records.