Monday, September 24, 2007

Parcel B: I Found a copy of The Dec. 1, 2004 Placemaking Workshop Report. By Geniusofdespair

The site wanted for the Bay of Pigs museum -- parcel B -- has had a planning session which was well attended by people from the community. The Placemaking Workshop report for Parcel B is 21 pages long and the draft was submitted Dec. 21st, is the concluding paragraph:

"There was widespread support among workshop participants of keeping this space well programmed but not overbuilt, with park like features and amenities, such a shade trees, benches and eating paces to picnic or barbecue, and things to do but in a more casual way (pick-up soccer rather than scheduled leagues). There seems to be interest and support for turning parcel B into more of a neighborhood park, with a casual feel, that serves the communities that surround it as well as the private sponsors and Miami Heat clientele. This may or may not be possible given the fact that it may be hard to create a neighborhood park next to a major regional entertainment venue and destination. However, it is clear that the people of Miami want a place that is first and foremost designed for their use — not primarily for museums, or tourists, or as a profit making sports facility, but as one of the ten places that makes Miami great and the downtown worth living in."

So, this site, although neglected by the County, was much in the minds of the citizens, who met in good faith to plan their open space.

I wasn't aware that there is a Cuban History museum in the pipeline. Were you? There was a ground-breaking in June and County Bond money is funding it (press release below). Take note of this County Manager George Burgess. Maybe this is the place to house the Bay of Pigs exhibit? That is certainly part of Cuban History. Do we need to have two exhibit venues and the Freedom Tower? That is a lot of exhibition space. (hit on press release to enlarge)


Keep Parcel B green said...

Museums can go anywhere with convenient parking and/or public transportation. Waterfront park space is scarce and priceless.

Parcel B should be green open space and the Cuban Museum should try to raise some money privately and find a location in Little Havana or Hialeah.

Every planner now knows that you NEVER put parking lots on waterfront frontage.

Anonymous said...

This is just another tactic by local elected officials to create an apathetic public... why should people go to the trouble of being involved: when they do take time to go to a meeting or give their input, they're shut out by whatever and whoever has more pull. And this is the democracy we're exporting to IRaq?

Anonymous said...

No. No. No.

Call the Mayor, 305 375-7051 and County Manager, 305 375-5311 tell them they can save mucho $$$ by adding a Bay of Pigs wing to house the exhibit at the ALREADY sited and funded Cuban Museum.

Parcel B is a land grab. Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

More Cuban museums and still no proposals to build a museum of slavery?

Leave Cuban Museum on Coral Way said...

What happened to the Cuban Museum on Coral Way? That seemed like a great site and a great building?

Why are the Cubans so greedy as to try to steal Parcel B?

pitbull said...

Did anyone see the article in the Herald? Some guy visited the current Cuban museum and was the only visitor. Kind of like building a ball stadium for 250 fans? Don't know, but DO know that the 5 proposed new County-wide Commission seats will be divided 1-white, non-hispanic, 1-black non-hispanic, and 3 hispanic.
Now, this is done by population, and the hispanics are the majority. The proposal is also to let only those County-wide representatives chair the standing committees, will see a lot more of this sort of thing.
Personally, I don't want to spend ANY additional money on MORE County representatives, their salaries,staff, or perks. Do you really believe the people will be represented any better? Or will it just become more fingers in an ever enlarging cash cow?

Anonymous said...

what's happening with this project?