Monday, July 16, 2007

Bay of Pigs Library on the City of Miami Waterfront? by Geniusofdespair

Bruno the Dim Barreiro wants to put a Bay of Pigs Museum and Library on Parcel B on the waterfront side of the American Airlines Arena. It is before the Recreational & Cultural Affairs Committtee July 16th. Oops...that is today!

This will go through, he is the Chair!

What are they going to put in it, a lot of stuff on President Kennedy being a loser? Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, what a waste, this is SPARTA!

Mambi_Watch said...

I was wondering when and where this museum would get built. Boy, this is something else.

Those who want to take a look at the designs can go to:

You can also check out the people and financial contributors that are behind this project on the website, which has been in the planning stages for a while.

Anyway, the most telling about this project is the "Board of Advisors":

- Jorge Arizurrieta
- Alberto Cardenas
- Otto Reich
- Humberto Fontova!

To name a few.

I've written about the hypocrisy of Cardenas because he represents a PR group for the totalitarian regime of Morocco.

Otto Reich is a unabashed propagandist. As well as Humberto Fontova.

This Bay of Pigs Museum is merely another memorial (out of many in Miami)to solidify the Cuban exile to those "freedom fighters".

There's so much to say, so I'll try to mention it soon on my blog.

Thanks for the heads up Eye on Miami.

Anonymous said...

The Bay of Pigs Museum and Library would like to thank the following individuals, corporations and groups for their generous support.


Florida Crystals
MCM Corp.

Jose "Pepe" Cancio

Xavier said...

The idea behind the memorial is good, but such a conspicuous location for it isn't necessary and a gross under-utilization of one of the finest vacant parcels in the City.

Anonymous said...

Parcel B was promised to all the voters of Miami-Dade County for a soccer field.

I have been watching Bruno on TV attempting to Chair the M-D Commission meetings. What a light weight. I bet he could retire early on full mental disability.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Arizurrieta . . .

lunkhead said...

Even though I only come to Miami to visit family, I'm amazed at the proposed location. Why not Little Havana? Or somewhere on the campus of FIU? That being said, let's take the rose-colored glasses off when we talk about JFK, shall we? He's the most over-romanticized President in U.S. history and his betrayal at the Bay of Pigs had a direct correllation with the Missile Crisis. He had a hand in the assassination of the South Vietnamese president, cautious on civil rights until he could get himself re-elected, and a cad. I could go on, but why bother?

Geniusofdespair said...

I have nothing against the Bay of Pigs museum (Or the Elian Gonzalez museum). Hialeah activists suggested the Bay of Pigs museum find a home at Hialeah Racetrack. That makes more sense.

The problem is, we already have two museums proposed for the area (3 if you count the Historical Museum inside the Science Museum) and that would seem more than enough on the waterfront. People are already in uproar over what is proposed so you propose more? I think that is an insult to the people trying to protect their parkland. Bruno should know what is going on. A woman on his staff ran for City of Miami Commissioner, she was more than familiar with the controversary. Didn't she brief him?

Museums do not need waterfront locations. Why is that such a hard pill to swallow?

Anonymous said...

I am all in favor of a museum, statue, fountain or tribute to those brave heroes that where willing to put their lives on the line for their country Cuba at the Bay of Pigs.

I have an uncle that was there, suffered a handgrande explosion and was imprisoned for quite a while in terrible conditions, until the U.S.A. negotiated a trade deal for the release of those exiled Cuban patriots that fought and where captured at the Bay of Pigs.

However, I don’t believe that a public park like that on Biscayne Bay would be the most appropriate place for a museum of this type.

I know the sacrifices made by Cubans and I know the accomplishments made by them in Miami.

But celebrating one group of people in a park that belongs to all of us may seem a little unfair to those non Cubans that have also suffered, made sacrifices, left their countries and now make their homes in Miami.

I believe that this Bay of Pigs Museum is important and needs to be built someplace but not in our cities principle park.

I don’t recall seeing any museums or statues honoring the Holocaust in New York’s Central Park.

I believe that the Bay of Pigs Museum should be located in a predominantly Cuban neighborhood such as in Little Havana.

But the best location would be in The Freedom Tower.

Lets hope that the museum reminds the public that the reason most Miami citizens vote Republican as opposed to the rest of the Latin American exiles that are now U.S. citizens.

Most Cubans that have lived in Miami since the 1960’s still blame JFK and the Democrats for their failed support of the beach landing that they trained with the CIA to win back their country.

The Bay of Pigs is indeed a sad and tragic episode in the history of Cuba and in the lives of many Cuban families that have been in exile for over 40 years and long for the day they can return to their county.

The real shame is that so many politicians and journalists continue to exploit the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the failed Embargo as issues to perpetuate the tension and build their careers.

Geniusofdespair said...

Hialeah Park: It's grounds were used by the Air force during WWII and they just recently held an event there for Bay of Pigs veterans. Plenty of room and will conform to the history of the park, Hialeah and its massive Cuban population.

Citizens to Save Hialeah Park

Anonymous said...

Save the waterfront. Plenty of great locations inland. Parcel B was promised for a soccer field.

Anonymous said...

The commissioners trying to destroy the remaining view of the bay near Bayside need to be removed from office in the next county commission election. Some of them are a true embarrassment to us Cuban-Americans. We did not come to this country to continue destroying and taking it all as our own. Hello? - Why not use the Freedom Tower for the Pay of Pigs Museum or put it somewhere on SW 8th Street, or even in Hialeah?!?! It doesn't take brains to figure this one out.

Where are our commissioners, Natasha Seijas, Rebecca Sosa and Pepe Diaz, on working to bring the museums to Hialeah? Why don't they propose a portion of Hialeah Park or Amelia Earhart Park, where we would love to see an Aviation Museum, and where the Bay of Pigs Museum would be a compliment and more than welcome, considering the history of aviation, world war II vets, and Cuban immigrants to the area.

There is also the old Bellsouth Building on Hialeah Drive, which could be beautifully renovated and the ideal place for the Bay of Pigs Museum. The museum could share space with other entities who would lease office space on the top floors. The building is perfectly situated just a few blocks west of LeJeune Road and a 10-minute drive from Miami International Airport. I was told by a fellow Hialeah resident that the building was recently sold and they are all scared that it will be demolished and replaced by a condo complex. What a shame; this building could be perfect for the Bay of Pigs Museum and the residents would be thrilled!

I join others and raise my voice against construction at Bicentennial or Bayfront Park because there these are the only two pieces of open land left in the area and there are so many other areas in Miami-Dade county suitable for museums, including the city of Hialeah!

I hope the city of Miami and county commissioners get smarter. We are fed up!

Milly Herrera
Hialeah, Florida

Anonymous said...

The elected officials of the City of Hialeah should be negotiating with this organization and Hialeah Park's ownership to bring the BAY OF PIGS museum to Hialeah. South Florida cannot afford to loose any more precious waterfront. What better place than Hialeah Park for such a museum?

The proceeds from such a deal may be utilized to restore the ageing structures that helped make the world renowned Hialeah Park “the most beautiful race course in the world.”

Bestowing such an honor upon the people of Hialeah will also make it much easier for racing to return.

The city of Hialeah is the most Cuban city outside of Havana. It is also the fifth largest population in the State. The park has the beauty, the land, direct metro rail access, and the prestigious history.

Hialeah needs this.

Alex Fuentes
Hialeah, FL

Anonymous said...

Corruption, corruption and more corruption…now that’s South Florida! It’s astonishing how much corruption runs through the veins of our elected government officials. The way I see it, members of the Bay of Pigs Museum obviously are only seeing the dollar signs for their elite group advisors, donors, commissioners, and lobbyists.

I have visited the Useppa Key Historical Museum. The museum is in one of the first houses built on Useppa Key with exhibits capturing the story of the Bay of Pigs as they were staged on the island by the CIA. I can’t imagine a state of the art three story building to recant the story of the Bay of Pigs.

Where will the $65 million come from? I sincerely don’t believe that their elite group of members and donors will come up with this money. Obviously it will be at the tax payer’s expense just like many recently failed projects in our city and county.

Where is the history in a new state of the art building? Look to the historical buildings for that. Take the example of the Ellis Island Museum, housed in the very same buildings where immigrants were processed and began their new life in the United States. Now that is history! Look towards The Freedom Tower to house the Bay of Pigs museum. In the heart of downtown, not far from the bay, across the port of Miami, the tower’s walls hold many memories for Cubans in Miami. I know, because I am a Cuban American.

Don’t let greed stand in the way of history.

Miami Springs, FL