Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Delhi Temperature Today: 109 Degrees Expected. by Geniusofdespair

If they had chocolate bunnies over there they all would be melted.

Almost 90% of Americans have air conditioning. In India in 2016, 5% had air conditioning.

Some good Easter reading:

I am surprised they didn't take this down yet.

There is an article in the Miami Herald today about raising houses in Miami Beach, they mention a potential for a double digit insurances rise.


Anonymous said...

Coastal communities and states are going to have to begin to move aggressively on their own to prepare for the future. We are well past the theoretical construct phase. The data is overwhelming. It makes sense to move buildings that you don't want to give up to the Atlantic Ocean to higher ground. When the Atlantic rises it will consume all of the costal US at once. With no federal help because of refusal to believe truth, states and communities are going to have to prepare now and be ready to go into action on their own. Many critical pieces have to be put in place now to be ready when the future arrives.

Anonymous said...

Condominiums in Miami Beach will pay the increased insurance rates instead of fortifying their buildings (owners will do more unlicensed Airbnb). Ask all those buildings how much they saved for flood mitigation. My guess is zero. Best thing the city is doing is finally telling people they are going to have to spend money to fix their private property. The Flamingo Park G.O. bond for streetscape is already twenty years old. That money evaporated and now they are using money from other sources. That is a separate story that will be investigated one day. Most of the real estate in Miami Beach is run on fumes.