Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Ides of April: Looking Back on Annoying Stuff. By Geniusofdespair

Saturday: I get reflective...

Airbnb: Seriously, aren't neighbors annoying enough? Do we have to add another layer to neighborly? I don't even want my neighbors, so why would I want strangers to rent their house? Good for Tomas Regalado for objecting. Now the City of Miami is being sued by Airbnb. Scratching my head on that one.

Neo Nazis and Marine Le Pen: Along with England and France, we have our own resurgence of Nazis and thanks to Steve Bannon they think they have power.

We are in a new Century why are we still talking about Nazis? Seriously kids, they were not good people. So take off your Othala Rune T shirt.

I blame it all on Gamers that are too stupid and socially stunted to do anything else (like go outdoors) so they are prone to get into ideological trouble. They sit in their bedrooms and live in a video world: It is the dark side of the computer revolution, getting muscle memory on pulling the trigger.  It is an imaginary world where Nazis can be heroes.

Video Game
Gamers also follow a frog called Pepe and have made it a hero and the frog is also a bridge to the Neo Nazis/white supremacist movement. Granted I used to have feelings for a frog "plunk your magic twanger froggy" but I was a little kid, not of voting age.

My Childhood Frog: Froggy the Gremlin cute frog but mischievous.

Today's Frog for misguided adults....Pepe, designated as a hate symbol by the Anti Defamation League.

 Note to Alt Right, Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, and gamers -- we fought a war against the Nazis. It isn't a game, it was a tragedy.  Why would you want to go backwards?

Taxes: I hope you all paid you taxes. Really, I don't give a shit but I am reminding you all the same.  And if you don't know why you pay taxes on April 15th look up the "Ides of March", and thank William Shakespeare for the extra month.


Anonymous said...

"For the first few months of Trump’s presidency, this unholy confederacy has largely kept in formation. But in the wake of Trump’s recent Tomahawk strike on a Syrian air field, it has begun to splinter, with the president drawing the ire of some of his most loyal troops: the Pepe brigade known as the “alt-right.” Now that he has all but banished former Breitbart chair Steve Bannon from the West Wing, Trump could soon be facing a full-fledged mutiny. Even his neo-fascist admirers in Europe have begun to question his commitment to the nationalist agenda on which he campaigned. (That a loose collection of white supremacists and far-right extremists, however vile its motives, has shown a more unified opposition to military intervention than the Democratic Party is another post for another day)."

Anonymous said...

The reasons that I prefer to do vacation rental vs. long-term rental. First, if your renter is obnoxious, they leave soon. The long-term renter, well, you're stuck with them. Also, if your vacation renter tries to rip you off, the cops will remove them as if they are renting a hotel room. Long-term renters can withhold your rent and it can take months to get them out of your rental. In the Grove, my renters have been older middle aged semi-retired and are always interesting people. I don't rent to partiers.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- I almost missed this one. I hate that they (evil people) have preempted the frog! Awful. I used to think that people (especially young men) could get rid of some of their testosterone on video games - but now I do think the games simple feed the idea that rage and violence are ok.
what a world.

Anonymous said...

Please don't condemn airbnb, there are so many successful, beautiful stories out there. So Miami attracts a few bad apples who stay in airbnbs, airbnb actually brings to Miami the kind of people you would like to meet at a cool hip coffee shop. The kind of people who would love your blog. Hotel owners and even most guests would not care or read your blog. If the hotel lobby cared about us locals they would be paying a living wage and not funding corrupt politicians.