Monday, November 21, 2016

Eye on Miami Celebrates Over a Decade of Blogging. By Geniusofdespair

Our first blog was November 6, 2006. That was over 6,080,500 pageviews ago (we didn't start counting when we started - a couple of years later).  Here is that FIRST blog Post:

Welcome by Geniusofdespair

Welcome to Eye On Miami, the place to come to talk about wacky politics and ethically challenged politicians. Tomorrow is election day and the ads on TV have been non-stop. I look forward to Wednesday. Vote "No" for State Amendment 3 and please sign a Hometown Democracy Petition if you can. I am really angry at the Miami Herald all the time because they are short staffed and leave out so much. I toyed with calling myself "Angry Person In Miami" for this blog but, I am more depressed than angry. I don't have a lot to say right now, just want to start the ball rolling. I would rather hear from you.

Here is Gimleteye's First Post:

Saturday, November 11, 2006

How the Herald wimps out: by gimleteye

To know which stories the Herald editor and publisher know are important, but not important enough to warrant tough coverage that would threaten advertisers, just read the letters to the editor section closely.

Start with the two letters at the top of todays Opinion: "Restrict Developers" and "Old Cutler Headache".

The first letter: "Let government stop caving in to greedy developers who could care less about water shortages." Duh.

The second letter: "I challenge all (elected) officials... to join together to stop future development."

Now why it is time for a building moratorium in Miami and Miami-Dade county is a story worth reporting.

We have a county and city commission whose sole purpose is accomodating campaign contributors who need zoning changes and building approvals. Fair and representative govt? Give me a break.

But when it's election time, and the Herald could lead with stories that tell the truth about our communities and energize people to get involved: NADA.

Or, the paper prints a B section story that hints at the underlying corruption, and then go ahead and endorse the candidates the paper KNOWS are part of the great Miami destruction machine.

How nice to know that the Herald buries the BIG stories in the letters to editor. How comforting to know at least there's a hint of understanding.

WHEN did you ever read the Herald REPORTING about where all this traffic and problems with water quality could lead our communities?

Where did you ever read about the Herald dealing with a building moratorium story, or, how there's no difference between a developer and a big farmer any more. How about puff pieces on public officials or govt appointees that never even mention their land holdings out by Krome Avenue and the Everglades.

How every time there's an effort to manage growth for citizens who already live here, the overwhelming flood of lobbyists representing land speculators drowns city and county hall. Or taking commissioners to task for belittling citizens who have the guts to take a day to testify against decisions they know will go against them, their communities, and common sense!

Hard hitting stories? Not when the sacred cow of advertising revenues in the real estate section are on the line!

And WHERE is Miami New Times!!! At least we used to be able to count on New Times to write a story or two about what is important in our communities. Defede?

And to the letter writer, "Traffic on Old Culter Road is a nightmare." you should have gone to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce meeting, recently, so that citizens could give suggestions on how to "improve" traffic in Miami-Dade. The cost for a seat was $125.

Now there's a GOOD one! Pay $3 for gas, sit in traffic for two hours a day, and pay $125 to complain about it.

The Miami Herald: where nothing is printed without a dusting of sugar and one eye closed.

Gimleteye, Alan Farago, holds the record for most read post on Eye On Miami: 50,000 readers. My most read post is almost 30,000. Out of over 5,000 posts I have written I would have to say my favorite might be Road to Foreclosure. But I do have 68 favorites , you might not like the dry one I picked.

Well it has been a good run. We are thinking it may be time to run away...get out of Dodge.


Anonymous said...

Run away? Noooooooo!

Jswcat said...

As an American I live in Canada before my brother is still out there so I am definitely considering a move. I've been following both columns ever since I've been here in Miami and you do provide a great deal of useful insight and inspiration, please continue.

gretchencs said...

Many of us read and do not comment, but act because of your fine reporting and commentary – by sharing your posts, becoming more informed voters and citizens, and asking questions of elected officials. Grateful that you have been able to fill a void left by our greatly diminished newspaper staffs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gimleteye said...

What we do is sometimes journalism. Sometimes advocacy. And sometimes advocacy journalism.

Ten years ago, we were relatively early bloggers. Both of us took the position that important news and views were happening in South Florida that was not appearing for one reason or another (ad revenue) in the mainstream press.

My perspective on the Miami Herald has changed. There are excellent writers and journalists at the only daily newspaper in Miami; my lament at the beginning was with publisher/s and editor/s who generated significant retirement plans while attempting to match profitability to the bar set by internet giants. They won. Reporters -- many good ones -- lost. The public lost as the content dwindled along predictable lines.

Our blog consumed time and energy in defiance of a "business model". There is NO business model for web content, other than click thru.

Ten years ago I had no clue where the disruption in media would lead. Of the nation's top 100 newspapers, Trump won only a couple of editorial endorsements. He will be our next president.

It is all about Twitter and FB pages and, as we learned recently, 20 somethings sitting on couches in boxers, inventing fake news and replicating it through similarly identified websites, funded by God knows who.

"May you live in interesting times", is the cautionary warning. We have been fortunate to add to the record for future generations, students, readers and observers. We haven't made a dime, but tried to see clearly and to write what we experienced.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alan. South FL doesn't deserve you of course.

Marty Baum said...

We would welcome you both, your families and friends with open arms up here! Come experience the Martin County Difference before it too is gone!

Anonymous said...
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