Saturday, July 02, 2016

Our EYES are really quite good at Eye on Miami: Heritage Insurance. By Geniusofdespair

Heritage Insurance CEO Bruce Lucas, Greedy Bastard!
As usual, my radar for bad stuff in campaign reports is on target.

Of course you all remember my post of June 29th when I was looking at Joe Martinez's campaign money. Who am I kidding  -- none of you remember. At one point I asked - in bold letters - about all the Heritage Insurance money flowing into Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's campaign AND Joe Martinez's campaign:

What does this Insurance company  want so desperately in Miami Dade County?  

Well don't you know that today, reading the rag (Miami Herald) there was an article about none other than Heritage Insurance. They want to raise rates in Florida by an average of 14.9% (don't look for the article on-line I couldn't find it).

According to the Palm Beach Post, Florida Homeowners would pay 25% more while the CEO Bruce Lucas is making $27.3 Million (quadrupled salary in one year). According to the Post, that is 50 times what the CEO gets paid at Citizens Insurance. Heritage Insurance contributed $110,000 to Rick Scott. So I have now answered my own question of June 29th, on why they are giving to Miguel Diaz de La Portilla's and Joe Martinez's campaign:

So do NOT vote for who they support.

What do they offer, no surprises here, flood insurance! Gimleteye warned about insurance increase, last week in a Greenland post:
I'm thinking of beach erosion on the east coast, that so far has only put a few communities in harm's way. I'm thinking of extreme weather events that are piling up but have yet to affect the wealthy or insurance rates or forced evacuation of cities. I'm thinking of mass migrations out of sub Saharan Africa and parts of the Mideast, where temperatures are so high and drought so ferocious that whole populations are on the move. 



Anonymous said...

Gimenez probably referred Heritage to Joe Martinez.

Anonymous said...

I live in the keys. My flood insurance is just under $5100.00 a year. My windstorm is over $7,500 a year. My home is valued at 250,000.

Do you know the last time I reported flood or wind damage? NEVER. That is ...N E V E R...

I have lived here since 1992. The house was built in 1973. It has original everything inside. My mortgage is under $990 a month and my insurances and taxes are $2100.00 a month. The mortgage payment has more than doubled due to those required insurances.

Anonymous said...

Insurance companies are too greedy. Smart elected officials will speak out and they will vote NO to rate increases.

Jill said...

Anonymous said...

This is why it is critical to pay the mortgage off - so you can self-insure. Imagine $2,000+ a month in savings for self insurance. And that savings can be invested in something else to generate even more money. Soon you would have enough to rebuild your house in case of a hurricane. So take a second job, do what you have to do to get that mortgage paid off.