Friday, July 01, 2016

Raquel Regalado For Miami Dade County Mayor. Guest Blog by Norma Rae

Raquel Regalado...Our Next County Mayor?
The working people are ready to get rid of another bad politician. Just like we did when Lynda Bell was making life miserable for people who punch a clock, we are going to send Crooked Carlos Gimenez packing. The unions worked hard to put Daniella Levine Cava in office, and now we are going to do the same thing for Raquel Regalado!
That’s right. The South Florida AFL-CIO, with unions representing electrical workers, plumbers, carpenters, laborers, bus drivers, teachers, sanitation workers, painters, librarians and a whole lot more have decided to support Raquel Regaldo. We are going to dump Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

The scene at the South Florida AFL-CIO headquarters was crazy this week. First of all, Ms. Daisy Black, after giving a great account of herself, and testifying about her commitment to the working people of the County, collapsed. The head of the Fire Union was there and gave her CPR to keep her going until they could take her to the hospital. We are all so sad that she passed. Her family should be proud that she was speaking out about improving the lives of other people until the very end. May God bless her and welcome her home.

After all that commotion, and thinking Ms. Black would be OK at the hospital, the panel interviewed Ms. Raquel Regalado. She is a School Board Member and a very popular Spanish radio host. Well, she seemed to know quite a bit about what our union brothers and sisters are looking for. She never talked about money, but she did say she would change the working conditions for folks. Raquel seems ready to give us what Mr. Gimenez never has: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

She promised to enforce the wage laws that are on the books. The County has laws to make sure people are getting fair pay on construction contracts, but nobody ever checks. Raquel said she would make sure people are looking at those payrolls and stop contractors from cheating. She says Gimenez is afraid to bother those contractors, cause they have all paid him for his campaign.

Raquel also told the panel that she wants open competition for county jobs. Young people need to have an opportunity to work and stay in Miami. She says people will be hired and promoted based on merit, not political connections. She knows what we are looking for. No more lobbyists acting like recruiters. And she is getting rid of those $250,000 a year Do-Nothing Deputy Mayors. Amen!

Now Gimenez came to be interviewed, after his friend Andy Madtes told him Raquel was killing it at her interview. The Mayor showed up and was talking nonsense about how he was one of us. He said he was a union member when he worked at the city. The man just spent five years trashing and kicking the unions and then he has the nerve to be saying that! Well, we want nothing to do with him.

His friend Andy Madtes tried to have all the unions sit on the sidelines during this election. He asked that the interview panel recommend to the members that we do a “no endorse” for the mayor’s race. Well, when everybody showed up at the union hall and heard that line, they said no way. This race is too important to act like it doesn’t matter.

A man from AFSCME made a motion to support Raquel Regalado, and another man  stood up and seconded that motion. Next, the whole place stood up to vote for Raquel! Carlos Gimenez may have a whole bunch of money from those county contractors, but Raquel Regalado has a whole bunch of new friends. And we will all be out there reminding our families, our friends and our neighbors to vote for Raquel Regalado on August 30th. Check your voter registration now and be ready to clean up county hall this summer. It is time for a fresh start and a new leader. Vote for Raquel!


Anonymous said...

Despite getting sick of the prospect of another Gimenez tenure it is also quite nauseating to see so many family connection in Miami politics. Regalados are decent people based on personal experience but should raise the bar very very high when it comes to family and friends tradition which unfortunately is permeating national politics as well. One person who should be barred from any public office and be kept far from the Court house is Marcia Del Rey with her face plastered for a long time around Miami when her millionaire family business is a surrogate for prostitution through their hourly motel business all over Miami, Ma'am stick to the family business.

Prem said...

This read more like polemic than recommendation.
Did you guys record these interviews? Could we see them?

For the benefit of readers, more particularly specify the manner in which Gimenez "spent five years trashing and kicking the unions?"

As you write here "representing electrical workers, plumbers, carpenters, laborers, bus drivers, teachers, sanitation workers, painters, librarians and a whole lot more" please specify what you look for about which Regalado "seemed to know quite a bit."

Answers to these questions would help voters better understand your interests, and whether or not they align with the interests of the general public, and themselves particularly.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez certainly has had issues with the police department.... I bet his still owes them the money that the courts the county to refund to the officers.

Anonymous said...

The unions use public relations firms, publicists and lobbyists too. Spin masters. Unions are always pushing elected officials to increase their pay and benefits. Well enough is enough. Taxes and fees are already too high.

Geniusofdespair said...

Go on Gimenez's twitter page and bash unions. I like unions.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above...enjoy your weekend, an American tradition made possible by organized labor.

Anonymous said...

Andy brags about his BBF relationship with Carlos and while Andy Matas is no longer running the day to day operations of county AFSCME local he is the President of the South Fl AFL-CIO and is still holding their purse strings.... Without Andy's blessing a union endorsement is just a talking point for Racquel, virtually worthless and Carlos knows it..

Anonymous said...

And Mr. Anonymous, make sure you're working this coming Labor Day. Taxes are not too high. That's a fallacy pushed by liars like Scott and Gimenez to agitate lesser lights like you. My brothers and sisters have made more with less for too long. The quality of the county's services are in decline, and it's NOT the employees who are at fault. It's skimmers like Gimenez.