Sunday, July 03, 2016

Carlos Gimenez's PAC -- in the Race for Mayor -- Sent Out a Targeted Flyer for all the Hispanic Grandma's. By Geniusofdespair

The flyer I was given was targeted at Raquel Regalado's base: the ABUELA's of the County. It was paid for by Mayor Carlos Gimenez's PAC and is 15" by 12". The PAC has $2.5 million to spend ($5,000 SUGAR money). Gimenez also has $1.5 in his campaign account including  $7,000 of SUGAR money.

You will be happy to note that, according to the flyer, Carlos Gimenez has FINISHED CORRUPTION in the County. I suppose it means he ended corruption. That is big news -- that should be on the front page of the Miami Herald, if it were true.

Anyway, I was surprised to hear that claim, especially when there is a rumor going around that someone from his campaign called a candidate and asked them to withdraw from a school board race that his sister-in-law is in. Were they offered money to withdraw? Favors? Don't know. Just know if you are going to claim you ended corruption you had better be squeaky clean when you lie. And, Grandma's, he didn't end corruption in the County, it is still alive and well and flourishing.

I love that Gimenez lists as his accomplishment reducing County Departments from 42 to 25 to decrease bureaucracy. All he did was reshuffle the damn county in one big mess of Departments, folding former departments into the current 25. Not much of a change, and certainly not one for the better as we have seen over the years. I am not even going to bother to include the claims he made about the police to these senior citizens.  I think it says he created 150,000 new jobs in the private sector. My Spanish is lacking,

Carlos Gimenez, good luck with Raquel Regalado's base, but they just aren't as stupid as you think.


Anonymous said...

“We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams, we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing, and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.”
​Caius Petronius, AD 66

Anonymous said...

Eliminated corruption? This from Mayor Gimenez, the individual who hired Al Lorenzo as campaign manager in 2012. This county has a very short memory. Have we forgotten that Al Lorenzo worked for BOTH GIMENEZ and Assistant State Attorney Katherine Fernande Rundle? The two boleteras caught by MDPD WERE working for Al Lorenzo and collecting absentee ballots for Gimenez and Rundle. It was not enough for Gimenez to collect millions from lobbyists in contributions to his campaign and PAC coffers, he had to steal ballots from the elderly and the informed as well in 2012. Now, the story repeats itself. Out there, his campaign manager and employees are throwing monies around to ensure a good ballot harvest. Our puppet MDPD and FDLE agencies stand by and let it happen. In other words, if we don't get out and vote in mass the true essence of corruption- GIMENEZ, will win reelection and continue to destroy and pillage our contusion coffers.

Anonymous said...

$2.5 Million for a sure loss???????

Unknown said...

Hah!!!! good luck convincing anyone that he has fought corruption. Sorry I can't vote this time around - it would be a pleasure to help get him out of office!

Anonymous said...

Carlos Gimenez worked in Miami as Fire Fighter, Fire Chief and then as City Manager. He was then elected to the County Commission and then County Mayor. Gimenez held these positions over many, many years.

Over the years, Gimenez has wielded a disproportionate degree of influence over the affairs of the residents of the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County. The fact that he raised so much campaign money is proof of the influence produced from his longevity.

The legions of lobbyists and entrenched special interests with which he has developed associations is nearly mythical. Dade County can not afford another four years of his benevolent dictatorship.

Over time, the game is has become rigged. Gimenez has been slopping at the public trough for far too long. New blood is necessary. It is time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez dismantled the Miami-Dade Public Corruption Unit after all that ballot investigation was traced back to his campaign. Police Director Loftus resigned the day Gimenez stole that election. Of course, if there are no Public Corrupton Investigators, there are no public corruption cases. So, I guess Gimenez did end public corruption in the county.

Anonymous said...

he doesn't need to win the Raquelita's base. Just shave some numbers from it. that's what you do when you have money to burn. it could work...but if he has to go run off in November, he is cooked.

Maria said...

After 5 years of Gimenez, I still haven't seen him post a single job advertisement for a director job or a deputy director job. No competitive interviews either. Gimenez has simply picked his buddies for those six-figure executive positions. It's disgusting. He has such contempt for the residents of this county who are paying those high salaries and receiving those services.

We thought we were getting reform and an end to cronyism when we voted for Gimenez back in 2011. Instead we got no reform and cronyism on steroids!

Gimenez needs to be shown the door! Go Raquel go!