Thursday, May 17, 2018

Big Sugar Money Is Turning Toxic To Florida Politics ... by gimleteye

Because of Big Sugar's chokehold on Florida politicians, what happened in 2016 -- massive toxic algae outbreaks -- will happen again. Know whose bank account is filling the campaigns of the candidates you vote for.

If you are a candidate seeking election and refusing money from Big Sugar, Eye On Miami wants to hear from you NOW.

We will feature any candidate who rejects Big Sugar's money; Democrat or Republican or Independent.

Here is our bottom line: sugar is not a food and sugar farmers are not farmers because no other crop in the United States is guaranteed protection before a seed is even planted.

Big Sugar does not put "food" on American tables. Big Sugar is a protection racket for two billionaire families and key employee/shareholders, mainly; the 200 plus family descendants of Charles Stuart Mott, founder of US Sugar, and the Fanjul family's Florida Crystals' fortune.

The same way a few gun manufacturers stand in the shadows of the NRA, these few Big Sugar families pull the strings in Florida politics. It is time for voters to make them stop.

Democratic candidate for governor Chris King just took on Big Sugar in his first television campaign ad. Watch it here:


Unknown said...

Tim Canova is a major antagonist of Big Sugar.

Geniusofdespair said...

King did a good commercial where is it airing?