Monday, April 02, 2018

Something Fishy with the China Trip Gimenez Went On to Inspect Rail Alternatives. By Geniusofdespair

Lobbyist Rafael A. Garcia-Toledo, president of G-T Construction Group Inc. points to a map of county sewer projects his firm is helping manage. While working on this county contract and pursuing others, Garcia-Toledo also serves as finance chairman for Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s reelection campaign. 

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Gimenez when to China to see a train that didn't interest him and he brought two lobbyists he didn't mention to the Miami Herald or anyone else.

What was the real reason for this trip?  Then once there the Genting Company was a big part of the trip. Getting wants to put a Casino on the site of the former Miami Dade Headquarters that was on Biscayne Bay -- In the heart of traffic jam central.

Did you read the article today?. They want some rail to dock near Genting from Miami Beach. It is so convoluted but filled with lobbyist intrigue -- who is working for who -- why were there two legs of the trip that some commissioners didn't go on? Figure it out for me please! I know when something is wrong but I can't put my finger on this one.

Garcia-Toledo is lobbying for his own firm which doesn't give us much to go on. What is really going on. Come on readers.  This is supposed to be about transit, but in the article it says there is no money.


Anonymous said...

It was so important when the FIU Bridge collapsed, Gimenez monitored the situation. Reminder, Munilla is a cash cow for crooked politicians. Time for us to monitor him.

Anonymous said...

Public officials act as if they are interested in transportation. The real show is the developers and lobbyists are looking to build huge buildings with maximum capacity. Public transportation is being used for land use change for land use lobbyists and local zoning lobbyists. Miami Beach floods and has no space for storage and service yards of anything but a local shuttle bus. Ironically, a condo developer tried to develop and area where Miami Beach once stored and serviced its electric shuttle bus. This entire scam has been going on for over twenty years. Miami Beach officials traveled to France and Miami-Dade officials traveled to China.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Miami Herald?

Geniusofdespair said...

Don’t you see the links to the Herald???

Anonymous said...

Look up the costs and history in Resolution No. 2003-25355
Miami Beach used to run an Electrowave Shuttle Service to South Beach which started operation in January 1998 $2,336,000 budget for an electric shuttle operating budget back in 2003. Only operated to South Beach from a northern route. Miami Beach is very open about not wanting a mass transit system visiting main land. The two areas compete for tourists. Miami Beach and downtown Miami are essentially at war with each other over tourism dollars.

Anonymous said...

The Herald stories do not dig deep enough and they accepted "we felt it was better to use our Genting contacts."

List everyone who went.

How much did this charade cost?

Talk to the travel agents who arranged this cluster fuck waste of money.

Get the Chinese companies on the record.

Doug Hanks realizes if he digs, no more exclusives.

Milly from Hialeah said...

Companies normally send an expert, a salesman and a tech to China for just a few days and they will get a lot done. BUT . . . why also not consult with the Disney company; they perfected the metrorail system decades ago and Orlando is a lot closer and cheaper!

It is unbelievable how behind the U.S. has become when compared to most developed countries of Europe - and this goes back to the 1980's - 1990's when the difference was already visible.

For one, I do not favor this over-development that is ruining neighborhoods and giving perks to developers and their lawyers who all befriend a select group of politicians. Why not give perks to working and middle class families to buy a condo or home?

Citizens may have a different vision, but nobody is listening. If a decent politician comes around and tries they are ousted. The "pineapple" group always gather together and make sure to control all the various seats (city council, commission, mayors, state, school . . . and now they even want to control the police).

The trip to China is about all this or maybe just an excuse for a vacation on the backs of the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Journalist Erika Carrillo, of Univision local Channel 23, has followed that story since day 1. She has listed all 50 people who went on this junket, including Country Commissioners and their staff, lobbyists, the Mayor and his staff, etc. Her interview of Mayor Carlos Gimenez is amazing. He blames journalists for suggesting improparities and loses his patience and yells at her. The news series continues. It is thorough and very professional.

Anonymous said...

I just posted about the excellent coverage of this story on local Univision Channel 23. Why does my post not appear?

Anonymous said...

when i tried to login with my normal account it didnt work.
when you make a new account it does actually work. Ty
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Anonymous said...

Gimenez sure took a lot of overweight lobbyists and pr flacks. As usual, the taxpayers are getting screwed.