Thursday, April 05, 2018

Roy Hardemon has a formidable challenger: Dotie Joseph. By Geniusofdespair


Here is what is on Dotie Joseph’s website:
Dotie Joseph was born in Haiti, and grew up in the North Miami, attended Miami-Dade public schools throughout the District, and earned degrees from Yale University and Georgetown University Law Center.

Dotie has been a champion for community empowerment, and advocate for civil rights and human rights since she was a teenager – and wants take her passion for service to Tallahassee. She is running in order to advocate for equal access to quality education, affordable health care, public safety, and economic development to improve the quality of lives for all who live, work, and play in the District.
She is running in State House District 108 against Roy, with the dynasty family name Hardemon.

Here is some info on Hardemon from a 2016 article in the Miami Herald:

For the past 30 years, Hardemon’s life has been a revolving door with the criminal justice system. He was unable to recall how many times he has been arrested when asked by a Miami Herald reporter.

Hardemon, 54, has been arrested 19 times since 1987 and charged with 35 different crimes, 12 of them felonies. The charges range from felony battery and kidnapping to municipal violations for trespassing.

When asked about his arrests, Hardemon, a community activist in Liberty City and uncle of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon, said most of them were for disobeying police.

“I’ve been arrested for trespassing with the Urban League,” he said.

Hardemon was arrested four times for trespassing, six times for resisting an officer without violence and twice for disorderly conduct, charges that can be associated with civil disobedience.

Yet he was arrested in 1994 on charges of armed burglary, battery, criminal mischief and kidnapping. All four charges were felonies.

Come on district 108!!! Get yourselves a good candidate. You have a politician actually worse than Donald Trump in power. All Hardemon has really done in office is try to get money for various charities in his district which translates into votes. That is the majority of his bills in 2018. It says he has 12 children on his House website. Really?

Vote for a candidate who was Not accused of punching a woman, but one who is a woman!

This is how Hardemon won. He dominated the absentee ballots. However the biggest reason: There were too many damn people in the race. Do you hear that people running for US Congress in District 27? Get out of the race some of you: NOW, or you will not necessarily get us the best candidate elected because of your ego.  He also dominated the absentee ballots.


Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming so racist and judgmental. I just can’t anymore

Geniusofdespair said...

First we have always been judgmental, since we started in 2007. Second how is it racist, talking about 2 candidates of the same race, one better than the other? How?

Anonymous said...

Roy Hardemon attends many events and he is easy to talk to. Roy is 1,000% better than his nephew Keon. Keon spends his time giving away Southeast Overtown Park West CRA money to his friends and family. Keon almost never shows up anywhere unless someone is giving his Aunt Barbara a check. Keon should be indicted.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Lee doesn't like black people.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that Dotie is Black? Or idoes Haitian not register?

Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks anonymous 2 above, my lifelong hero has been Thurgood Marshall, but you can try to race bait me and remain a putz.

Pat sum Lee said...

I guess you didn’t know Genius of Despair is Chinese?

PJW said...

I read the article and no way was there the slightest hint of a racist comment. Are you sure you were reading the same article I just read?

Anonymous said...

This is a completely race neutral article.

Out of sight said...

Snowflake alert. Talking about politicians is enough to trigger snowflakes, so I guess it's a trigger reaction not a real reaction about genius.

Barbara Falsey said...

wow -- how can anyone call this racist? One tires of this kind of stupid reaction to a well thought out article. You can disagree but calling someone racist? you sure do not know her.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Having a good memory for MIami politics always makes for GREAT reading.

Anonymous said...

No race baiting. Both candidates are black. Keon Hardemon is definitely corrupt.