Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Trump Outlet Website: Get your Trump Junk. By Geniusofdespair

$19.99 at the Trump Outlet, $10.99 at Walmart, and $1.99 on Ebay

I am really intrigued by the Trump Outlet. Where is the money going for all this overpriced Trump gear? Charity? I calculate they have sold almost 1/2 million dollars worth of ugly hats.  They charge $33 for posters.

I looked at the Trump Outlet privacy policy and found this interesting for Trump's re-election campaign, mining private information of those stupid enough to buy this stuff:

There are circumstances where we will transfer and/or disclose your personal information to third parties. Those circumstances, subject to the limits of applicable law, are as follows:

Subsidiaries, Corporate Partners, Vendors, Clients and Affiliates: The Trump Outlet may transfer personal information to its Subsidiaries, Corporate Partners, Vendors, Clients and Corporate Affiliates for purposes related to The Trump Outlet service offerings as such offerings may change and develop over time.

When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address.
When you browse our store, we also automatically receive your computer’s internet protocol (IP) address in order to provide us with information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system.
They mine your information even if you browse the Trump outlet, that is why you aren't getting the link. I am interested in what they are going to start sending me.

Now here is the Trump usual lie, on the Website it says "This is the exact hat you want and it costs half the price of everything else you'll find." Not true. It is $19.99 here at Trump's Outlet but $1.99 on Ebay and $10.99 at Walmart.

Got your hat already? How about a $23.00 Build the Wall mug or gun owner's T Shirt?

Here is a banner for other products you can get at the Trump Outlet, note "Guns" and "Lock her Up" gear.

Best of all if you add this code you get a  10% discount:

What??? Are they out of their mind.

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Anonymous said...

Well, we have come from Government by lawsuits , as in the case of the City of Miami, to Government by tweet at the federal level, nice going, it all fit's together.