Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Build that Wall Donald. By Geniusofdespair

It sounded like Donald Trump, your President, was talking about the Flying Wallendas when observing the different wall proto-types in California. No, he was talking about those Mexicans and other immigrants who he supposed had the skills of the Flying Wallendas to get over the proposed wall.

All of those horrible immigrants with thoughts of doing harm to all of us, by perhaps getting a job picking fruit on a farm or wiping your babies ass.

Of course, there was a rally at the wall site and people were wearing those annoying red hats. I wondered, who is making all those red hats. It appears that Donald Trump is!

Now here is the Trump usual lie, on the Website it says "This is the exact hat you want and it costs half the price of everything else you'll find." Not true. It is $19.99 here on Trump's page but $1.99 on Ebay and $10.99 at Walmart.

Got your hat already? How about a $23.00 Build the Wall mug?

Here is a banner for other products you can get at the Trump Outlet, note "Guns" and "Lock her Up" gear.

Best of all if you add this code you get a  10% discount:

What??? Are they out of their mind.

Back to the wall,  frankly The Donald is right. If zombies can scale a wall so can Mexicans by stepping over each other like they did in  the movie World War Z. Welcome to Berlin 1961 everyone.

This Trump guy is so UN-PRESIDENTIAL, more like a a Carnival Barker in my view.


Anonymous said...

Most illegals come by airplane or boat. Waste of money on a wall.

Anonymous said...

It just came to my attention that the Chairman of his campaign was alleged to be selling a nomination for Sec. Of the Army. It appears that a banker gave him millions of dollars in loans to be nominated. Since Trump is monetizing everything, hats, cups etc., is he also selling nominations for high positions? All his Secretaries should be asked if they paid for their nominations. If so how much, and how was it effectuated? Cash? Loans? Real Estate? Stocks and bonds? Some other methodology? How? And who got the payola?