Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thousands petition Gov. Rick Scott: This is the last chance for Everglades and Florida Bay ... don't let it slip away, Governor! ... by gimleteye

Gov. Rick Scott is being deluged by urgent appeals to fix the Everglades reservoir plan, costing more than $1.5 billion, he approved in the last session of the state legislature.

Add your voice and name to the Now or Neverglades Declaration and petition by clicking here.

Last December, the South Florida Water Management District unrolled its preferred options for the reservoir, failing to include enough marshes to cleanse Florida's toxic waters. When Senate President Joe Negron introduced the legislation in early 2017, he advocated for 60,000 acres of marshland to be added to the reservoir plan. That acreage belongs back in the plan, but the District -- under Scott's direction -- has been obstructing fair and open disclosure of ALL options.

Recently, members of the Everglades Coalition rejected what the District proposed under its misnomer: "Best Buys".

Gov. Rick Scott -- who is aiming to be the next US senator from Florida -- holds the key to fixing his mess, and tens of thousands of Floridians are imploring him to do it quickly, using his leverage now.

The Now Or Neverglades petition website says, "The EAA Reservoir is the law of the land. The District is not following the law. Only one person can make them – Gov. Rick Scott. Only one person can persuade him – you."

Time is running out. Lift your voices, now.

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