Saturday, January 06, 2018

Frost Museum of Science: Good New, Bad News ... by gimleteye

Brief recap of family visit yesterday afternoon.

The Frost Museum was mobbed with visitors. Good news.

The Frost Museum was utterly incapable of handling the crowd, once tickets had been paid. Bad news.

Good news. The exhibits are terrific, and the reason why the Frost Museum was jam-packed with families.

Bad news. The parking is awful. The staff handling the overflow and security: horrible.

The elevators didn't work. The staff, inside the facility, were overwhelmed.

What an opportunity is being missed in this museum, failing to emphasize that every featured species and natural resource is at severe risk from global warming: no mention that corals are disappearing throughout southern Florida.

No mention that pollution is afflicting the fish and birds and mammals. No mention that rising sea levels are scrambling the evolutionary deck of cards in ways the planet hasn't experienced in more than 60 million years.

There is still no acknowledgement of global warming, the greatest threat to mankind's future.

Bad news and thumbs down to the benefactor, Philip Frost, who is a global warming denier. And bad news for Miami-Dade taxpayers who are funding this potentially great museum, yet the biggest threat to their livelihoods and property values is no where to be seen.


Geniusofdespair said...

Should have separate tickets for the planetarium. Didn’t like anything else.

Anonymous said...

Frost's estate will be underwater. But he'll be dead by then.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers are forced to pay over $600 Million, including debt service, for the Miami Science Museum NKA the Frost Science Museum after Philip Frost bought the naming rights for $10 Million. Since the taxpayers are paying 98% of the cost and for the expense of the operation of the space why not keep the name Miami Science Museum?

Anonymous said...

They do have separate tix for the laser light shows. Didn't like ANYTHING else? Harsh! just the view over museum park is nice.

"Bad news. The parking is awful. The staff handling the overflow and security: horrible. "

Take the people mover, it's perfect for parking a few blocks away and the stop is right there. Use mass transit to promote it!!!!

Barbara Bisno said...

Thank you for both your recent items on the UDL
and the Frost Museum - I have forwarded them
both to friends

Barbara Bisno