Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Suspicious? Always. I Look It Up! By Geniusofdespair

I am always suspicious of full-page ads trying to get me to do something. I looked up the address from this New York Times Full-Page ad. The address was one used by Debra Sweet in the past. Sweet has been a (New York) Activist for the Group: The World Can't Wait, also at this address.

The address once belonged to a UPS Store (drop boxes). The group "Refuse Fascism" is taking donations through "The Alliance for Global Justice". So what do I think of the ad? I don't know, at least someone is trying to do something. Would I give them my money? No. I would rather give money to NRDC and Earthjustice. Both sue for the environment.

The Right is calling them a George Soros funded Anti Fascist group. The extreme Right publications on line refer to them a lot (Conservative Daily News for one). So, if the Right believes this group wants to overthrow Trump's government, maybe they aren't so bad.

Address in the ad. Space Sixteen next to the Quick Park? Could be one of the apartments, but who knows.

Life-long Activist Debra Sweet has used the address in the ad.

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Anonymous said...

debra sweet is great! so is refuse The gop'ers, since Raygun, have moved so far right that they have become our fascist party and they dragged the dems with them so that people really think the Clintons are progressives or that Obama governed as a liberal.