Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shorting U S Citizens in trouble because they are Hispanic. By Geniusofdespair

Donald Trump tossing paper towels at Hurricane victims in Puerto Rico asking
them...are you having a good time? I bet those aren't Koch Brothers paper towels.
The moronic tweet from the Tweeter in Chief this morning, October 12th on Puerto Rico:
...We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever! -  3 hours ago

Puerto Rico in better days...
60% of residents in Cataño are homeless. Patients in Caguas are receiving care in hospital tents.
Yarelis Rosa visited her husband, Miguel Bastardo Beroa, at a hospital in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Doctors suspect that he contracted leptospirosis in contaminated floodwaters.

What do you expect these 3.4 Million AMERICAN Citizens to do Moron 45? FEMA is still helping in Texas and Florida- red States. Why single out Puerto Rico in the tweet?

Hit by a killer hurricane (Maria was a Category 4 when it hit) and in great peril, Puerto Rican's continue to suffer. As of 6 hours ago only 16% of Puerto Rico has electricity. According to the Chicago Tribune yesterday:
There are worries about outbreaks of waterborne diseases, such as scabies or Zika, which is transmitted by mosquitoes breeding in standing water. Just 63 percent of the island's residents have access to clean drinking water, and just 60 percent of wastewater treatment plants are working, according to figures released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Hospitals are fueled by generators constantly on the fritz. According to the New York Times October 10th:
Hospitals are running low on medicine and high on patients, as they take in the infirm from medical centers where generators failed. A hospital in Humacao had to evacuate 29 patients last Wednesday — including seven in the intensive care unit and a few on the operating table — to an American military medical ship off the coast of Puerto Rico when a generator broke down.

There are urgent attempts to help. The federal government has sent 10 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams of civilian doctors, nurses, paramedics and others to the island. Four mobile hospitals have been set up in hospital parking lots, and the Comfort, a medical treatment ship, is on the scene. A 44-bed hospital will soon open in badly wrecked Humacao, in the southeast.

But even as the Army Corps of Engineers is installing dozens of generators at medical facilities, and utility crews work to restore power to 36 hospitals, medical workers and patients say that an intense medical crisis persists and that communications and electrical difficulties have obscured the true number of fatalities directly related to the hurricane. The official count rose on Tuesday to 43.
Our local reporter  Eleazar David Melendez is reporting direct from Puerto Rico:
As I have been saying for a few days, while there are real problems with logistics and supply in Puerto Rico, the real reason people are lining up for food and water is an economic one.

Food stamps don't work without mobile communications-- we saw that in Florida during Irma. Tens of thousands of people that used to work at places like big hotels have been laid off in the past few days. And people living on the economic fringes (valet drivers, handymen, gardeners, etc.) haven't made a dime in three weeks. People are lining up to get the aid not because they couldn't just walk and get food from the supermarket, or buy a burger at McDonald's, but because they're dead broke with no opportunity to make any money.

And it's not just the working poor. I just got a phone call with a friend in the real estate industry there who is trying to get some funds so he can put idle real estate agents to work moving boxes and driving trucks to deliver relief aid. Without that, my friend estimates it will be months before anyone makes any money.  AND:
My friend Alison Thompson and Third Wave Volunteers just came back from Puerto Rico after giving away thousands and thousands of these solar-powered lights. It was a sign of hope and light to many.
My Mom received a packet and was giving them away in her neighborhood. She said some neighbors cried about not having to use candles any more. One neighbor said that, while she was looking forward to getting power back, she would cherish the solar light and put it atop the Christmas tree later this year.

In answer to your tweet: They stay there as long as they have to

Just because these are Hispanic AMERICANS does not mean you don't continue to help, you heartless pig.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure FEMA is still in Texas and Florida, and will remain for some time. The second class response by Trump in Puerto Rico shows him as a bigoted needy fraud who has no humanity.

Anonymous said...

Since the government is very slow to help, residents need to get off the island as soon as they can. Relocation because of the impacts of global warming and related disasters is what most people will be faced with in the future one way or the other. Once they move from crisis stage and begin to look at the future, they need to plan their strategy to get out. The fewer people on the island while redevelopment occurs, the better. As Americans they can go any place in the US they desire and FEMA will,help them in those states.

Anonymous said...

You are right on with this report. Trump is a heartless, clueless embarrassment and needs to be replaced. Thanks for this great article. Please keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. You are NOT right on with this report. Puerto Rico is not a state.

Geniusofdespair said...

I know that Puerto Rico is not a State but the population -- all citizens. That means they can come here freely get an apartment, set up residence next door to you and vote for president etc. And that is exactly what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

He still shocks me . I guess he thinks papertowels can take care of every thing.