Thursday, October 12, 2017

Florida's Juvenile Justice System Collapse And The Intolerable Governorship Of Rick Scott ... by gimleteye

Congratulations to the Miami Herald for its outstanding series, "Fight Club: Dark secrets of Florida's juvenile justice system".

This is what the Miami Herald does best: focus its investigative journalism on the demonstration of broken promises and injustice.

The shameful neglect by the Rick Scott administration has contributed to predictable abuses and loss of public trust in government. This regime never acknowledges its mistakes and demonstrates its incompetence matching taxing authority, public protection, and law enforcement. In other words, its own policies violate key conservative tenets.

What thrives in place of good government are the weeds of corruption, cronyism and incompetence. In this case, the victims are the children of poor people -- mostly African American -- and taxpayers who fund hopelessness and clear patterns of criminal misconduct by those in positions of authority.

The Miami Herald doesn't say so, but this series is an indictment of the neglect and incompetence of the Rick Scott administration. It is all the more incredible, because Scott is aiming to replace Senator Bill Nelson. It may well be the case that Scott's campaign backers don't give a damn about poor black kids who suffer medieval conditions in the juvenile justice system.

Voters should care. A lot.

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