Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurricane Aftermath: At least 2 more Hurricanes on their way. By Geniusofdespair

Not enough fenders to save this Cat in Coconut Grove. A man was found dead in the seaweed not too far from this boat.

First let me announce the Toxic Puzzle will be rescheduled because of Hurricane Irma. I was looking forward to going tomorrow.

I had planned an event on Marco Island for September 8th. That obviously didn't happen since the hurricane made landfall on Marco Island. I had the stress of talking to all the people to cancel their flight and hotel the last minute. Plus I was saddled with the further stress of non-stop TV Hurricane coverage. I became physically ill. On Thursday before the hurricane, I was to leave for New York. We made the reservation on Tuesday. It was cutting it close, flights were being cancelled right and left as I sat at the airport. They couldn't get flight crews. We were almost scrapped because of the two hour limit on the tarmac. Spent 5 days in New York coughing (stress didn't help). Had soup most of the time.

I got back to no air conditioning and I had bronchitis pretty bad. I had gone to the doctor before I left but the inhalers and antibiotics didn't help. It has been almost three weeks. I am on predisone now and a second course of antibiotics.

When I returned on Tuesday I had no electric, so no AC. The fumes from the generator for the building were coming right in my windows so I had to keep them closed. By Wednesday I felt so sick I booked a flight to Tampa on Spirit at 5 pm as I had a friend there. I took a Lyft to Ft. Lauderdale. The flight was at 10 pm and it was cancelled, I turned around and came home.  Miracle: My Electric was working when I got back. Everything in the Grove was closed Thursday except Greenstreet.

Couldn't get my new prescriptions filled too easily as drugstores were closed. Found one after much searching.

My stupid boat is okay. The Marina is not. I was hoping for the insurance. We lost a lot of trees near me...and part of our seawall. The city of Miami Marina is expected to be without power for up to 6 months. There are a lot of people living aboard their boats at this Marina.

At least a dozen trees were destroyed.

Walkway around Island ends where seawall was destroyed.

What's next after Harvey and Irma??

Channel 6

I am one of the lucky ones. Mostly, because I now rent.

There are still people in South Dade without power. Schools are closed, grocery store shelves are sparse. I went to Crust last night, near the river. (Don't go there, I don't want you ruining my chances of getting a reservation.) Had my first full meal in 3 weeks.

Many people are staying out of town till the electric comes on at their home.  But those same people are expected to vote. The Governor would not move the election date for the State Senate seat 40. Early voting began yesterday. Vote for Annette Taddeo.

Early voting:

Finally, What is our nitwit president tweeting today:

Rocket Man? OMG.