Friday, September 15, 2017

Elections Dept. Won't Budge on Important Election Date. By Geniusofdespair

ANNETTE TADDEO - State Senate District 40

In spite of hurricane Irma disrupting life in South Dade, a special election to replace former State Senator Frank Artiles will be held as planned on Sept. 26. Rick Scott rejected a request by Democrats to hold the election for two weeks to give people time to get back to their routine. Our election supervisor Christina White said she is ready, even if the voters aren't. She should tour the district. People are still without power, drug stores and food markets are just opening and people have to replace all the food in their refrigerator. Are they really thinking about the election?

I know voting is the last thing on your mind right now but if you live in Senate District 40 vote for Annette Taddeo, who did NOT TAKE BIG SUGAR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS!

Early voting starts tomorrow.

Need to know more about Annette? Watch this video! I found it very inspiring.