Monday, July 03, 2017

Drilling Down On The Costs Of Climate Change ... by gimleteye

The American South Will Bear The Worst Of Climate Change's Costs, The Atlantic

World Food Security Risks Growing, Chatham House Says, BBC

"5 Shades of Climate Denial in Trump White House", Inside Climate News

The problem with risk assessment for climate change is that there is no precedent within recorded history of massive climate instability.

This fact is otherwise experienced by restive Americans as a visceral anxiety, and very much part of the phenomenon that delivered Donald Trump to the White House last November.

Close the borders. Circle the wagons. Winter is coming.

As I've written before, there are no climate change deniers in the GOP leadership. (Not even Marco Rubio, who persists in a public position of denialism.) They are powerful insiders convinced that climate change is a useful tool to consolidate power and wealth. Exactly what is happening in America today. (Read "10 GOP Commandments on Climate Change, here.)

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